Messed up my there no hope?

<p>So this year i was consistently borderline in most of my classes between B+ - A-
I projected to get a
3.67 unweighted/ 3.8 weighted gpa this semester, however I completely screwed over my math final and probably my chem final so now i most likely have a 3.3 unweighted/3.5 weighted gpa </p>

<p>am i completely screwed over..or is there still hope?
I'm a sophomore if that helps
ap world- B
chemistry- (not posted yet, however I project a B)
Algebra II- B</p>

<p>I’m a sophomore</p>

<p>Don’t screw up your junior year and you’ll be fine.</p>

<p>yea i know it really sucks, happened to me as well, but now your done with it, it does hurt you in some way, maybe not that much but it still does. But all the time you spend regretting w/e, you can spend that time doing something productive in order to “offset” this drop in grades. gl</p>

<p>I’ve been borderline between A-'s and B+'s this year, as well. For my midterm, I didn’t do that well on biology, in which I truly was borderline. But because of the way my school weights finals/midterms (each is 10% of the final grade), I still kept a B+. Wait until you find out what your grades actually are before worrying. And as Tenors points, junior year is more important, so worry about that instead.</p>