Miami HPM

<p>Anyone heard yet?</p>


<p>decisions probably by next week.</p>

<p>gooshhh im so tired of waiting!</p>


<p>i now will be attending the siena/amc program (no mcats baby!)</p>

<p>btw i got into lehigh 7 yr med program, do u think im making the right choice in going to siena/amc?</p>

<p>hey how did you find out? did they already send it through snail mail?</p>

How did you find out?</p>

<p>i received the letter yesterday by mail</p>

<p>where do u live pal tree??? i live in CA and i called last friday and they said they were just mailing them out on friday. Anyways do you guys know how many kids they accept out of the ones they interview???</p>

<p>hopefully we'll all hear by the end of this week...i'm sick of waiting :(
someone in an earlier post said they interviewed about 120 and accept 30-35</p>

<p>palm lives in Florida, so that probably explains his prompt arrival of the decision</p>

<p>i got rejected. oh well, i thought i had a good chance because i am from kansas and my interview was real good. but you are fighting sick odds. anyone know more about UM med scholars?</p>

<p>guys i have a really big question::: why is the HPM for U of Miami considered such a great program and why do people like it so much??? What i really mean is, is it because the medical school is really good or something, or is it because of ranking or what??? pls tell me because ive gotten into rpi/amc, un9ion/amc, lehigh/drexel, iit/CMS, and USC, and i dont know which one to choose from right now. I think ill get into UM b/c the interviewer told me right than and their i would get accepted. But i really dont know why the program is such a 'dream' program for some. pls tell me.</p>

<p>:) I got in!! Totally unexpected...I'm out of state, and I heard the acceptance rate is incredibly low for non-Floridians. </p>

<p>AmiraliR- I'd caution you about automatically thinking you're going to get in, even if your interviewer said so. It's better not to get your hopes up. Plus, why'd you apply to the school without doing at least a little bit of research on the program to see why people like it? </p>

<p>Anyway, to answer your questions: First off, it's in Miami= awesome weather :) . The med school isn't ranked that high, however, the clinical experience one recieves there is excellent, as it has the second busiest trauma center in the nation and with Miami you get tons of exposure to a variety of different patients. It wasn't really a "dream" program for me, and actually I only applied to 2 programs (Miami and Pitt), mainly on a whim, but I have a friend who is in the HPM and loves it, and I have family there as well, so I guess I had personal reasons for applying, also. When I went for my interview, a few current students came and spoke with us, and they really stressed how the entire atmosphere of the program is relaxed and that internship opportunities, especially in clinical research, are abundant, which was appealing to me.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you! :)</p>

<p>I got in too</p>

<p>and willy, just a question, did you recieve just a letter of acceptance, or a packet or something like that?</p>

<p>yay :) are you going to go?
No, I just got a letter saying I got in.</p>

<p>im in! i need to decide between miami HPM or GW 7 year BA/MD...</p>

<p>Yes, i am definetly attending, after getting rejected from Browns PLME, this was my second choice</p>

<p>I got in!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I will be there this fall! i can't wait to be in Miami!</p>