Miami University LLCs and Greek Life

I was accepted into the farmer school of business at Miami and am very interested in attending! Can someone pls explain the process of roommates, choosing a dorm, etc??

I’m not entirely sure how residence life works (do I request an LLC and get a random roommate?) I didn’t find many LLCs I would be thrilled about living in. Career cluster community, entrepreneurship, explore Miami, and innovation/design thinking/creativity are the only ones I’m slightly interested in. As you can tell, they are pretty general.

I am interested in rushing but can’t live in a sorority residence hall until sophomore year (sadly no sorority houses). If anyone could share this process or anything about Miami’s greek life that would be greatly appreciated!

Although located in different states, is there any relationship between this school and the one in Florida?

No. What you will hear a lot at Miami U is that Miami University was a college before Florida was a state. LOL

Lots of info on their website, but essentially you will join the newly admitted class FB page and can start to meet people there. You will also fill out info and get potential matches for roommates. If you find a roommate you will both indicate each other and rank your top 3 LLCs in order of interest. In your sophomore year, you can move to a sorority floor in the specified dorm.

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THANK U so much!

Uh no that is why they r located in different states

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Also as far as Greek life, I think about 30 something percent of undergrads are Greek. MU has a rich history with several Greek organizations being founded there. Business and other types of frats are big too. They have so many ways to be involved at MU. I doubt many schools have more extracurricular activities than they do.
Rush is not until Spring for freshman.

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I didn’t know that thank u! That gives me more time to figure out for certain that I want to rush. :slight_smile:

Yes! It seemed odd to me as an older Greek, but I think it is actually good especially if you aren’t from around Oxford.

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No. Miami University (OH) has a active relationship with the Miami American Indian Tribe in OK. The tribe once lived in the OH region, where the University is located.

HELLO! Current freshman here – I just rushed and am a new member in one of the sororities. I knew I wanted to rush and I heard really good things from women in Greek Life before I committed to Miami.

This year it was online, extremely well-organized, and so welcoming. I was nervous, as I think most girls were, but those two weekends were SO fun. I had the best possible experience rushing, and they really really emphasized “values-based” recruitment rather than judging on appearance, as I think the stereotype normally goes. I was able to talk to a lot of women about the diversity and inclusion initiatives and they were so excited to expand on everything the chapter was doing to promote inclusivity and open-mindedness. I was very very impressed and am SO HAPPY I rushed :slight_smile:

And as some other people have mentioned, you rush in January/February of your freshman year (register for recruitment after November-ish), which I adored. Having the first semester free of recruitment meant I was able to find my place on campus (or at least start to) and figure out time management and my schedule. It also allowed me to make friends outside of Greek Life and consider whether I wanted to do it or not.

The new member period can be quite busy so I’m glad I’m not going through it while I’m trying to adjust to college life.

If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me!


Thank you so much! I will definitely message u if I have any questions in the future!!

Miami U of OH is named after an indigenous tribe that lived in the western edge of OH and Indiana.

I know
thank you