Michigan Ross vs Indiana Kelley

Hi…need some advice. My son accepted to both Ross and Kelley for undergrad business. Most likely finance major. Really likes both schools, but probably prefers Ross due to prestige, future job placement/salary, smaller class (550 vs 2500 at Kelley) etc… Here is the deal though…full ride scholarship at Kelley (tuition, room and board) vs no money at Ross. We have applied for couple scholarships at Ross, but at this point probably not getting any money. Ross is about $72k/year all in at this point. Even though it would be a big sacrifice, we could afford to help pay, but really having hard time justifying an almost $300k difference in cost over 4 years. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

My D18 graduated from Michigan LSA last year, she loved the school, so I’m biased.

Go to Kelley! Take the full ride.

BTW, at graduation last year, one school when announced, got booed. And that be Ross. Must be an inside joke.


Use your finance hat.

That’s unreal.

$300K and while Ross is great, there are no career guarantees.

If you told me it was Iowa and not Indiana, I’m still going free vs. $300K.

Best of luck to you - whatever you decide.


Kelley has an amazing program! I wouldn’t think twice about the decision to go for free to IU.


My DS was admitted to both Ross and Kelly. He will be attending Ross next year. He was awarded $9k per year at Kelly. If he was offered a full ride at Kelly, it would have been a much tougher decision.

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Absolutely Kelley. Saving $300,000 on college is a massive step towards your financial security and his. If he’s interested in finance he will likely want/need an MBA. Help with that financially if you wish. Makes absolutely no sense to me to choose Ross where outcomes are basically the same. Kelley is very highly regarded.

As an aside, when you say you can help him pay for “some of it“, he can only borrow $27,000 over four years. So where is the rest of the money coming from? Are you having to take loans? Are you diverting money that you would have saved for retirement? Or is it disposable income that is not going to affect your personal retirement savings? Only if it’s number three wouldI consider Ross.


IU for sure.

Great school, great campus. Target school for Wall Street IB.
Ross is no guarantee of “great” employment!


Unless the $300k is a drop in the bucket to your family’s financial position I’d opt for Kelley.

IMO your child’s post-graduation future will be more dependent on what he achieves at college rather than which one of these fine universities he attends.

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In my mind, Kelley is equal in prestige to Ross. If going off rankings, US News has Ross as #4 and Kelley as #8 for undergraduate programs. For me, there’s no way that difference is worth $300K. Congrats on your son either way, what wonderful options!


Kelley for sure. Great program, graduate debt free, put the money saved toward a future MBA. Job opportunities and on-campus recruiting is essentially the same.



Here’s my advice. It sounds like the decision is a no-brainer. Choose Kelly. A full-ride vs $300,000 should really be an easy decision. Both schools are prestigious, and either one would set her up for success. One of them is free. Which one would you choose if it was a car…or a house?


As good as Ross is. Go Kelly. No reason to go into that kind of debt. If you have the cash start an investment or Roth etc for him. BTW you have 2 people on the Michigan thread telling you to go Kelly.

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would you consider free undergraduate education followed by a graduate experience at Ross? This won’t cost as much, and you still get the Ross brand.


Attending Kelly, and being left with $300,000 more in your pocket/bank account, makes more business sense.

Based on what I could find, Ross graduates make around $15,000 more a year as a starting salary than Kelly graduates. Even assuming that this difference is maintained, it’s still 20 years until you make back that $300,000. If you took out a substantial amount of that $300,000 in loans, it will take longer. Of course, since we’re talking business majors, that extra $300,000 could be used to make more money over that 20 years.

So it’s a no-brainer - Kelly.


Do we know what op decided

Don’t think the OP has been back.

Thanks for all the great advice. Taking the full ride at Kelley. Go Hoosiers !!!