Michigan State EA Decision Notification

Just for a laugh, I thought you might understand. My daughter who applied to MSU two weeks ago has been checking the portal daily and over analyzing on little things. Lately, we were obsessing over the tiny green bar right above the admission officer’s picture and trying to figure out whether it means they started to evaluate, lol!! College admission anxiety is killing us!!

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For sure! Hahaha. Yes this sounds like us. :rofl:

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Glad to see this thread – the process is definitely different this year as compared to Fall 2019 when my oldest applied. He heard back in about two weeks after applying in October. Based on the screen shot above, I’m inclined to believe that MSU is not doing quick rolling EA decisions anymore. It’s a shame too. My oldest ended up attending a different university, but MSU moved way up his list because of its fast decision with an early scholarship offer which allowed plenty of time for him to visit (he attended the Alumni Distinguished Scholarship Competition/weekend event). Plus, they sent personalized letters and overall had very good marketing. I was hoping for something similar for my second (2022 grad).

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It looks like most of the acceptances this past year for EA came in November. If you look through the thread from last year (class of 2025 acceptances) you will see all of the ones who applied in October found out their acceptances in November. Hopefully we will all hear soon!

My freshman Spartan applied the first part of September 2020 and received her acceptance the first part of November, nearly to the day. She applied early action via the university’s application portal. We just found out by randomly checking the portal, but an email followed. That was when nearly all staff was working remotely. It’s possible that this year the success of the football team has spurred more applications. And, I think some admissions counselors are faster than others.


The success of the football team having a substantial impact on the number of applications is unlikely. If it is true, this reflects poorly on the applicant pool. If I applied on 10/03/21, according to your reasoning, I would receive my decision in early December. Better than January 15th, but still not ideal. Thanks for your input.

Wow, ok then. I guess you will find out when you find out along with the rest of the applicant pool. Sorry for suggesting that colleges get on the radar for applicants for a variety of reasons - it really can influence the number of people who apply. MSU actually had a record number of freshmen for this year. I’m out - good luck with wherever you get in and decide to attend.


The likely reason it has been different last year and this year is due to the fact that MSU for the first time declared test-optional due to covid. It is likely a harder process to differentiate candidates ensuring no discriminating re test vs no test submissions.

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I absolutely agree there are many factors that results in increased applications, and going test-optional has definitely been one of them at many schools including MSU. I think schools get on people’s radars for a variety of reasons and reputations, most of which are neutral in judging the applicant pool. Thanks for your response.

Hi all, I was just looking at my son’s portal and noticed there is an MSU Student ID #. Im not sure if it was there all along or not. just wondering if anyone else knew.

My daughter’s has the student ID, but not sure if it was always there?! I would think this weekend they would start sending decisions? Good luck everyone!

I just looked at a screenshot my daughter sent me when the pic of the admission’s counselor suddenly popped up and the student ID was not there!

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My daughter also has a student ID listed.

I came here to ask exactly same question because my daughter’s portal also shows MSU student ID # which wasn’t there last time I checked. Keep fingers crossed!!!

My daughter has an ID number other portal as well! Let’s hope this is good news!

I have a sophomore son at MSU (we love it!) and he heard about 2 weeks after submitting his application. Their exceptional marketing and ability to make you feel special at such a large school, quickly made my son more interested in it. This year is definitely different. My senior son who applied in October is an outstanding candidate and I have been surprised we have not heard yet. For great students who are also huge college sports fans (there are many of them including my boys), the success of the football team definitely has an impact!!! Go Green! I’m a Boilermaker and even rooting for MSU today


All the friends my daughter asked have the student ID as well. So, who knows?

I just had D22 look at her portal and she has a student ID. I don’t think it means anything - maybe it shows up when your application is complete or something?

Son just got an e-mail to check his portal. Accepted! OOS


Awesome! When did he apply? Also, not sure if others had the same issue, but my admissions officer changed on the portal (many of my friends had the same situation). Is this a sign of an impending decision?