Michigan State EA Decision Notification

My daughter just received her acceptance oos! She was test optional and 3.95 gpa


Thank you for your reply. In order to activate the MSU NetID account, you need to put enrollment deposit of $250 first, right?

I would think scholarships and other tuition discounts show up in the ‘Financial Aid’ section of the admission portal rather than the MSU NetID account.

One would think! :slight_smile:

But when we click on that tab it says that scholarship information will be available in “the student account or a letter in the mail”. We were able to clarify that the admissions portal isn’t the student account, so we await his PAN for his MSU student account…hopefully it will be available soon!

Have you heard anything? She won’t look in the portal, will wait for the mail. I am getting so nervous.

My daughter got her acceptance in the portal yesterday. In-state, 4.2, 1480. She was accepted into the Lyman Briggs program.


Does anyone know if kids have to accept their offer before being considered for merit based scholarships or the honors college?

They do not. Per the website, they will be automatically considered if they meet certain application deadlines (EA meets the deadlines).



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According to their net cost calculator, it does apply.

I assume you can pick a major later. Just curious how does picking a major work?

Did anyone get an acceptance letter yet that submitted 10/31? In state?

My S22 submitted 10/24, was accepted yesterday (if that helps). I am sure you will hear soon!


Does anyone know if it goes in some specific order? My daughter is still waiting.
Applied and all documents received late august. test optional
3.8 unweighted,
in state
test optional
I see people who applied 3 weeks ago who have gotten accepted already. Is it alphabetical?

Good question!!!

I know in the beginning, they started with the strongest applicants with test scores. It looks like very few people who went test optional are getting their decisions. I’m wondering if it will be a while before many of the test optional hear anything.

D applied on 10/7. Counselor uploaded materials on 10/15. She got her acceptance letter on 11/11. My friend’s daughter applied a little later (probably around 10/15) also got accepted on 11/11. Another friend’s son applied on 10/7 and got accepted on 11/21. All in state. Three different high schools.

My son got an email this morning and was accepted.
GPA 3.2
Test Optional
Very excited!


My daughter thinks each school has designated admission counselor and they decide admission. It makes sense in a way so that counselor can compare kids in the same school. Is this the case though? If that’s the case, admission processes depending on how each counselor handles applications?

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Just to clarify, did any of them get their scholarship decision along with their acceptance letter??

My daughter received her acceptance yesterday. She’s in state and knows about 5 kids from her HS who have been accepted so far (about 40 from her HS attend MSU every year). Seems to be no rhyme or reason as to order of acceptances.