Michigan State EA Decision Notification

when did he apply?

He submitted 10/6, however transcripts were not received until 10/26.

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Was he emailed that of a status change to his application or did he just check the portal?

He received an email this morning. He checked the portal last night and it was not updated at that point.

Our kid received acceptance today, in-state.


Son received acceptance to major(exact wording major preference in admission letter) in Supply Chain today. Will have to wait till January to see if gets direct admission to business school.


Is he in state?

OOS, California.

My daughter got in today! OOS, test optional. 4.0 GPA


My S22 received acceptance today! Neuroscience.

3.93 UW
IB Diploma
No test scores

Excited to hear about merit (if any)!


Accepted to MSU today
3.65 weighted gpa
26 ACT
Hospitality Business Major
Applied: 10/21
Accepted: 11/19


My S22 got accepted to MSU today, too! 3.71 UW GPA, test optional, Computer Science, OOS (IL), applied EA 10/30.


Does the email show the decision or do you have to log into the portal to see the decision?

It would be interesting to see if this merit chart still applies for OOS:
Out-of-state scholarships | Admissions | Michigan State University


No email. Just happened to check the portal.

Have the decisions been rolling all day? Still waiting to hear for my daughter who applied EA oos, test optional with 3.95UW gpa.

S22 received an email that his status had changed and to check the MSU portal. No actual acceptance in the body of the email.

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Has anyone received merit scholarship from MSU along with acceptance? I was thinking the merit scholarship info would be in the mail when MSU sends the flag wrapped letter, but there was nothing about merit scholarship when it came in the mail. Does it released later days? Would it be released via admission portal or regular mail?

My daughter just got in in-state and did not send test scores/3.65 weighted


In my son’s admissions portal it says:

The Office of Admissions awards scholarships based on a holistic review of all information provided via your application for admission. Here at MSU, we start distributing scholarships in mid-November and continue through spring. You will be notified of any scholarships you receive through your account or a letter in the mail.

We assume the account they are referring to is his MSU NetID account. He is still waiting for his PAN to be able to access this account.