Mid-Year Report... HELP!!!!

<p>I looked on the web-pages of all my colleges, and I saw no deadline listed for mid-year reports. Grades were finalized almost three weeks ago, but we still haven't gotten our report cards, and so I figured it wasn't a big deal that I didn't have them in yet. However, I just got an e-mail last night from my top school, Middlebury college, saying the deadline was yesterday, and to please get the missing item in ASAP. </p>

<p>I didn't see that deadline anywhere, and am freaking out! I was sick and absent all last week, and tomorrow will be our fourth consecutive snow day, so it's impossible for me to send the report till Friday. Will this knock me out of the running for Middlebury?</p>


<p>Just email them and say they will be mailed as soon as you return to school-sorry for the delay...</p>

<p>seriously...it's not a big deal</p>

<p>I did. Thank you. :)</p>

<p>You don't send out the midyear report it comes from your school/guidance office. Did you already let them know which schools request them?</p>

<p>Email your GC and ask if a mid-year report was sent. If not, request one to be sent ASAP.</p>