Middlebury or Cornell? HELP!

Hello! I got accepted into the College of Human Ecology at Cornell as a Human Development major. I’m also accepted into Middlebury College as a Feb admit, where I’d probably lean towards majoring in psychology. I love Cornell, but am nervous about the large class sizes and the fact that it’s not liberal arts (I was looking forward to learning a language at Midd and maybe getting a more well-rounded education, but I’m not sure if it’s worth giving up Cornell and the unique HD major). I would do the pre-med track at either college. Does anyone have any suggestions on which program/college I should choose?? If anyone has any experience at Cornell CHE or Midd as a STEM major I’d love to hear what you think

Just commenting that there are a couple of key considerations here, since you have a unique situation and are not comparing apples to apples.

Liberal arts vs. more specialized program: read up on the requirements for your school at Cornell, and be sure that you have enough space in your schedule, with requirements, to explore all the subjects/courses you’d want to if you go to Cornell.

Feb start vs. fall start: Are you okay with starting as a “Feb” at Middlebury?

Those seem to be major considerations beyond the obvious large vs. small college choice.

Congratulations on being admitted to two great colleges!


Both will set you up very well for med school. You will get a quality education at either and they have about the same med school admit rate. Middlebury may be an even stronger choice for undergrad given that its classes are so small and you get so much personalized attention, but you also need to be ok with the location. I would recommend visiting both within the next month before making a decision. You must also be comfortable taking a semester off if you choose Midd, which I think is a pro given that the COVID threat will likely have subsided even more by then. You really can’t go wrong with either though!

If you are a NY state resident, the College of Human Ecology has reduced tuition, room, & board.

The medical school acceptance rate for Middlebury grads is 89%, more than double the national average.

You might find this article to be of interest:

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Correction–Middlebury has a 94% cohort acceptance rate to med school according to the latest viewbook.