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Hey Guys,

I haven’t been active for a while (MX is keeping me busy) but if anyone has any questions, even really silly ones, feel free to ask. I am a current junior at MX :slight_smile:

As always for these types of threads, anyone is free to contribute and answer questions :wink:

Nice to see you back here, @Atria. :slight_smile:

My daughter just got her acceptance to MX this morning - yay! She was wondering about how kids who lean toward the arts fit that in with the sports requirements, which look to be every season. We can ask at revisit, but would be interested in your insight.

Tell us about the writing workshop sophomore year.

Also, legit workload if you are a smart, motivated kid who is going to work for an A no matter what. Now throw in serious sports commitment on top. Is she going to go nuts?

So I too fall under that category :wink:
So in the first year, everyone recommends you to try a sport every season (and there are some requirements but you can technically do like managing to not play a sport). At first, I found it completely unfair since I had no actual sports experience. But I think its actually a really smart way to integrate and get everyone to interact with each other, sports teams are a great place to start making friends. And if you really don’t like the sports offered, you can always manage (help out with the equipment), and if you are upperclassmen, do a project or do rec-fit (basically alt ways to exercise like the gym). Honestly, I don’t even notice the requirement anymore, everyone has sports in the evening.


Oooooh the legendary writing workshop, (is your kid entering in as a new sophomore?)
Let me preface this by saying, MX makes everyone stellar writers, it is amazing. I honestly have found it so rewarding to look back at my writing then and now and just see the clear difference in my syntax, in my way of analysis and even just structure.

I entered in as a new sophomore and it was a bit overwhelming. Writing workshop kicked started quite quickly and there were times where I was very confused. My proctors were lifesavers and with their help, it actually wasn’t so bad. MX writing demands a lot but it also kicks you into shape. English was a bit tough but teachers are highly understanding and very ready to help you adjust. Most upperclassmen, in fact, won’t mind looking over your writing and giving feedback.

In regards to going nuts, well you get used to the MX pace very fast. I think the workload is usually quite manageable and teachers are understanding if you have a bunch of assessments the next day (which, when it happens, you can easily coordinate with the teacher to move). I honestly would not place the blame on the sports requirement for the times when I’m in way over my head (youtube and netflix however…well…)

I noticed from the decisions thread that your kid would be coming in as a freshman, in which case its actually much much much easier to transition into the MX writing program since everyone is in the same boat, as a new sophomore there are other sophomores who have had a year of experience and that’s why it might be tougher…

@Atria the thing is with sports that my daughter wouldn’t be doing it just because it’s required. she could be playing a school sport plus a club sport for fall and spring and just a school sport for winter. On our tour our guide also mentioned how kind the teachers were and how much they were willing to work with kids on scheduling.

And thank you for taking your time to answer questions! We will be at revisit day regardless but it is very kind of you.

@Atria For a first year BS,is a single room or double room?

Sports requirement - 3 seasons for all 4 years? Or do you get a season off junior and senior year? Can you substitute a weight lifting program for one season?

Is there a placement test for placing freshman into different level of courses? If yes, when will the test take place and what subjects will be tested?

If you are entering in as a freshman then it’s a toss up. Many kids get roommates, some don’t. I honestly haven’t seen a trend favoring either. I will say that most kids eventually have a roommate at least one of the 4 yesrs.

However if you enter in as a sophomore, you WILL get a roommate, a fellow new sophomore (unless somehow there is an odd number of new sophomores admitted)
… don’t be afraid of a roommate, mine turned out to be one of my bestest friends yet :wink:

For freshman and sophomore year, you must do a team sport all seasons. Managing (helping a specific team out with equipment and helping the coaches) counts as a team sport.

For juniors, you must do two out of three seasons. Managing still counts as a team sport. You can choose to opt out by doing a non sport project, rec-fit/strength and conditioning (weightlifting program can be part of that)

For seniors it’s one out of three, and the same options as juniors except you can chose to do an athletic project (i.e train for another sport in off season)

Yes there are placement tests. They are mailed out around April 10, I think mine came on April 15th, from what I recall there were tests for math and language…

Thank you! When exactly do you take the test? Did you meant the information is mailed out that time or they are the actual tests? Do you do the tests at home and then mail them in?

The tests are mailed out as a part of a larger packet, and I believe you take the test at home and mail it in. I was traveling internationally so I scanned mine in and sent it electronically. But yes, I belive that you take them and mail it in. Along with a bunch of other forms :wink:

Most stuff like this, like logistics will be explained in the April Packet :slight_smile:

  1. Are kids competitive with each other or just striving to be their best? Will they help classmates with assignments? Will they get handouts for people who are absent or make sure to let them know what the homework is?

  2. How much drugs, sex, and vaping? (If this is explained in the April packet you can skip this question :wink:


  1. Funnily enough I just recently had a conversation with a fellow student about this. We were talking about how lucky and privileged MX kids are to be in such a conducive environment, this was coming in the tails of stories of friends’ breakdowns at other boarding schools. There is not even a hint of cutthroat competition, and I’m not exaggerating. Perhaps this is my personal experience but teachers and students (the upperclassmen are esp. great) are beyond supportive. Classmates, but more often seniors or juniors, are beyond ready to help out with assignments as soon as you just mention you are confused. As for handouts, you make friends very quickly within classes and even just mere acquaintances text you to ask if you are okay if you are sick and send you thier notes. Teachers always send out handouts, a summary, and an option to follow up after you miss a class. Frankly the sense of community and support would be my favorite thing about MX.

  2. Ahahaha, the april packet covers EVERYTHING :wink: I think compared to other BS in the area, drugs is much less and largely confined to upper years. Sex is largely dependent on the year, but technically against school rules, however I would definitely not say it’s non existent (have you been following the thread about this in the parents forum? what I wrote there is purely MX perspective). I would say that within the populace that I mentioned for drugs, vaping is more common, that is rather than drugs, more kids would vape. If you are still curious feel free to PM me and I’d be happy to divulge more (this is afterall a public forum :wink: )