MidYear Report- How much will it matter?

For some context: I’m a senior who has a 3.98 UW and a 4.52 W, with my only B being Alg2Hon in my freshman year. I’ve taken a pretty strong courseload, the hardest offered at my school, which is a pretty well regarded public magnet school.

Except, there is a pretty strong possibility that I will get a B for Calc AB this year. I would be sending my final grade in that class to colleges, seeing as we switched to block schedule this year because of COVID (which has only made that class harder). I’m wondering if this is going to have a major impact on my chances, especially at more selective colleges. How much do they actually care? Outside of trying my best to fix the grade, is there anything I should do?

It will not be the reason why you are rejected. Other than trying to improve the grade, not much you can do.