Mild Curse in Personal Statement Adds Emotion or Too Risky?

I’m doing some final revisions for my Common App personal statement to submit before the ED deadline. In my essay, I include an anecdote about a time my friend got frustrated at me to contribute to a narrative of personal growth. In this particular scene, I included them saying “[x, x, or] whatever the h***” in order to help convey their flash of emotional exasperation.

I was wondering whether this would indeed contribute emotion to my essay or if it’s too great a risk of sounding crude/unprofessional to admissions officers.

It’s might be worth noting that I’m repurposing an essay that my English teacher submitted to a writing contest with the same anecdote/quote (I received an honorable mention), so I’m concerned that by taking this quote out, I’ll be taking away what I see as important flair/emotion from the key turning point of my essay. While it’s a relatively mild swear, I don’t want this creative risk to cost me an acceptance.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!

If you think hard you should be able to come up with another word to use.

Are people really offended by this word anymore? It’s probably used in all kinds of literature that’s studied at the college level, even at the high school level.

My D swore in her essay. Twice, I believe. She got into all the schools she applied to. If it adds something, I would leave it in.

Don’t sweat it. Not an issue.