Milton academy newly accepted students

Hello all,
My son is applying to Milton Academy for 6th grade. If you don’t mind to share your ISEE score and grades?
He got 8,7,9,9 stannie on his ISEE.
He got 1 B and the rest are A on his school report cards.
He plays town soccer, basketball, flag football and baseball.
He also plays piano.
Besides that, nothing very special or standout.
I also plan to apply for financial aid.
Wondering if he has a chance.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hello! I am a mere 8th grader applying to other elite private schools, but I think I can give some feedback (but don’t rely on it too much because I’m not an experienced person).

Your son has very good grades. Although I’m not too familiar with the ISEE (I took the SSAT), I know enough and your stanine scores are pretty good. You don’t need to work on your ISEE’s anymore, and you should focus on the other parts.

Although your grades are good, that will only get you past the first hurdle. I don’t know a lot about Milton Academy, but the acceptance rate is very low. Has your son won any awards in the sports he’s been playing? How long has he been playing piano?

I don’t know know much about applying for private middle schools, but my advice to you is to apply to a variety of schools. Your son seems to be a qualified candidate but you should ask him of his passions. He should emphasis those in the interviews. I wish you and your son the best of luck!

He is academically qualified, but I think you know Milton has lots of those students. My son was waitlisted in 6th years back and they have little movement on their waitlists. Their yield is Harvard-like. Good luck! Did he apply anywhere else for 6th or Just Milton?

I assume this is a day student? You might determine if FA for day students is the same as boarding students. Often, FA is offered to fewer day students/middle schoolers. Because in that insistence, the factors that will cause him to admitted are really based on things other than test score/grades which is just the first hurdle.

Hello, how did it go?

Thanks for asking. He got waitlisted. I doubt that he will move up from the waitlist. We just treat it as a rejection.
How’s your results?

I’m sorry to hear. My kid got in. 2nd time applying. Don’t get discouraged, try again next year. Or will you decide on a diff school?

Thank you for your encouragement. We will try again next year. What grade did your son applied first time, and what grade did he get in?
I need FA otherwise, can’t afford it. I think it is the big factor. Do you mind to share your son’s stat? Did the second time significantly better than the first time? What did you do the second time to improve his chances?
Thank you very much.

Congratulations to your son and your family. Admission process is a stressful process.

Congratulations and Welcome!!! I am the parent of an 8th grader who will be moving up to the upper school this fall. My daughter joined MA in 6th grade also and I spent middle school doing tours for prospective families – met lots of great candidates! It’s a wonderful and very special place to spend middle school and I hope your child will be very happy!

Curious how Milton treats legacy candidates? My husband went to Milton and my son applied to several boarding schools for 9th and was WL everywhere. He didn’t apply to Milton… mostly because while my husband loved his experience, my son wanted to be where there was a larger boarding population and fewer day students. Looking back, this may have been a mistake. If you have knowledge of Milton, is a legacy status a big leg up? My son is a strong candidate and full pay. Thank you.

From what I know, I can see it helps but doesn’t seal the deal. I do know that I see lots of faculty kids and siblings in grades though. It may be more difficult at this point because your son would be applying for a later grade than the usual entry point but certainly not impossible, especially as a full pay legacy. It’s just my 2 cents and obviously I’m not in admissions though!!!

Thank you! My husband actually entered Milton as a 10th grader (from a NYC magnet). My son wanted to forge his own way and not ride on the coattails of his dad. Ambitious but perhaps we were all naive about the process, especially this year.

So then there’s always next year to try if he really felt a need! That would put him in the same class as my child who is entering the upper school this year.

Good luck!

is your son interested i’m applying next year? also which schools did he apply to this year?

Hi jjju4,
We will try again next year. He only applied to 6th grade at Milton this year. What grade will your son apply next year?
It is a very competitive process. I don’t know if he would have more chance in 9th grade.
Good luck to your son.

My son applied to Andover, Lawrenceville, Groton, Deerfield and Choate this year and was WL at all of them. Despite his legacy status he didn’t apply to Milton because he felt the other schools were a better fit. I don’t know if he’ll apply next year… he may.

I got waitlisted from some of the same schools. What do you think are the chances for getting off?

ask this on the waitlist thread-The Wait List

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Assuming you’re asking me directly… I really have no way of knowing what will happen. My son is coming from a private K-8 with connections to the schools and they were shocked by my son’s WLs. They are certainly hoping for movement and they are working very hard on my son’s behalf but it’s out of our hands at this point. I also spoke with a consultant (lining up options for next year should he wish to reapply) and she felt that lists may move well into the summer- certainly past 6/1 when our local private contracts are binding. At that point we’d be on the hook for two tuitions (the local private HS and the boarding school) which is a tough pill to swallow.