Milton interview waitlist?

Our son made a relatively late decision to apply to boarding school this year (for 10th grade) and it feels like we are a bit behind in trying to pull everything together. Milton is a school that he was planning on applying to, but when he went to try to schedule his interview this weekend, all of the slots were full (all virtual interviews). He received an email this morning indicating that he is on the waitlist for interviews. From the website, it sounds like the interview is a required part of the admissions process - has anyone had any experience with this or know if this has happened any other years? Do you think this means that he might not be able to apply?

I am sure they will open more slots and the waitlist probably means you will get an email when they open them. One school my kiddo is applying to has no interview slots right now but is opening more December 1st. I would not worry yet.

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Thanks! Feels logical - but this whole process seems to create illogical worry in my mind!