Minerva Schools at KGI Class of 2025

Thank you :slight_smile: I just got my acceptance letter! I’m in shock. Good luck to you as well!

So it means you got in, woooow. I am SO happy for you!!! did you have an interview?

Yeah, I had an interview a couple days prior to the decision.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Minerva :partying_face:
I am also a RD 2 applicant and I am expecting an interview in the next few days.
I would be most grateful if you can tell me what to expect during the interview and how it is conducted. Again congratulations on your acceptance and good luck.

Hi, when did you receive interview invitation? And have you applied binding or non-binding? I would be grateful for response. I don’t know much about interviews but from what I’ve read it is rather informative and you should be prepared for questions like your concerns about Minerva etc

heeey, I applied for RD II for non-binding and I did not hear back from them at all yet…
is it a bad sign? :frowning:

I have the same concerns, I’m afraid bc people are having interviews like 2 weeks before the decision deadline and we have only 8 days left :frowning:

I committed to UC Berkeley coz I thought I wouldn’t get into Minerva RD II. But I just got an interview request. Can someone tell me its better than UC Berkeley (for business)?