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E-cloth window cleaner cloth… I’ll never buy window cleaner again. They leave my windows and mirrors spotless. Even H is a convert, even for his precious car windows :blush:. And also there’s a set for cleaning stainless steel appliances (using only water) that I love almost as much.

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Can you please share your secret as to how you achieve spotless mirrors? No matter how hard I tried, the cloths still leave some streaks. The glass might look spotless after cleaning, but when the sun comes out in the afternoon, the results do not look as good as with artificial lights. I’ve now tried window cleaner and coffee filters… and wow. :slight_smile:

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No secret, except it’s the dark polishing cloth that takes off the streaks. Works best if it’s on the dry side when you start. If I see a streak when I’m done, I just hit it again with the dark cloth.

Just wondering, have you washed the polishing cloth? I’ve heard you shouldn’t use fabric softeners with it.

Thanks! :slight_smile: No fabric softeners ever. :frowning: I do everything you described, but the results are not to my standards. We have a very sunny bathroom! :slight_smile:

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I have what I think is these cloths. But I can’t remember which cloth does what. Can you help?
They worked pretty well on our windows the time I used them.

I use Invisible Glass. It’s a spray window cleaner that works well on mirrors too. I’ve never had a streak with this product. And I use paper towels. I know this isn’t ecology friendly…but no streaks.

Another thing I really like is Style Edit (the powder). It’s used to “hide” that pesky grey hair as your hair grows. I figure I can go an extra 4-5 weeks between hair color by using this. Available on Amazon.


The light green, waffle textured cloth is the “cleaning cloth”. Wet it with hot water and squeeze out till almost dry. Wash all the gunk off the window.

Then go over the window with the polishing cloth -mine is dark green. (@BunsenBurner , maybe this is a trick, your really have to use some oomph with that step to really dry the glass?)


I’ll need to try this!

I didn’t have to think for a second on this one. We have every kitchen appliance/tool you can name, but NOTHING, and I mean nothing beats the chop box for bang for the buck.

We use this thing almost every day and have a spare in both our AZ and Maine houses. Years ago when the first one broke (DH being a bit too heavy on the smack), I immediately got in the car and went to Walgreens for a replacement and a backup before he could finish the meal prep. Honestly, we can’t live without this thing. We immediately dice peppers, carrots, onions, shallots, and mushrooms after grocery shopping as DH makes omelettes or scrambles for breakfast every morning and having the dice on hand saves so much time. It also makes throwing a chopped salad together very easy, and how many other recipes start with diced or chopped veggies? Plus, we think it’s a lot of fun to use.

ETA: The newer ones have replaced the plastic fork cleaner with a lift screen for cleanly removing remnants from the top plate. Easy peasy.

ETAA: Used it to make pico de gallo for yesterday’s Cince de Mayo meal. So easy:


Ooh! I have been wanting one of these. DH will kill me! I will tell him its your fault lol. I love chopped salads but am so lazy about all the dicing.

quote=“ChoatieMom, post:29, topic:3611729”]
Used it to make pico de gallo for yesterday’s Cince de Mayo meal. So easy:

What are the dice sizes?

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We have one too and love it! We chop lots of peppers and onions for omelettes and tacos. Just need to be careful not to cut a finger when washing because it is SHARP.

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There are many versions of this box. The original Vidalia comes with a small dice grate (as in the pico pic) and a larger one that is about twice the size. Some versions come with slicer inserts and various sized grates. We have the simple two-size dice version I linked as we have other tools for other types of cuts, but it seems we dice more than anything else.

I will add that many of the review comments about breakage are user error. If you slam the lid down too often with too much force, you can break the hinge or crack the box. That happened to our first one until we learned to put the food item on the grate, rest the lid on the food item, and press from there. Don’t slam the lid down from an upright position. We haven’t had an issue since. I have a backup just because I’m afraid to be without this thing, not because it breaks easily.

Also, makes a fantastic gift.


I have an older, primitive version of this chopper.

About 25 years ago, I saw an ad in the back of a magazine. I had to send a check in the mail to the address. About 30 days later, I received my Salsa Master. I honestly have never thought to look this gadget up until today, and darned if they aren’t still making it, albeit in a slicker-looking model. I have made many, many sauces/dips/finely chopped things in this over the years and it’s still going strong. We sharpen the blades with a knife sharpener.


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We had one of those, too! We bought one after watching a demo at a home show when we were much younger and before we had a food processor. It worked very well.

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I swear by that stuff.

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Sometimes it’s the simplest small things. I can’t believe I cooked for so long without a bowl scraper. It makes such quick work of getting things out of a bowl or pot. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CG8DOEC?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_7HR5MH86KZRP7DGXZJSP

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Opening this thread was a super bad idea for me…


A couple of items that I love enough to take on our beach vacations are roomba and our countertop ice machine (on my 3rd roomba and 2nd ice machine).

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Yes, Roomba has changed our lives. Both kids bought roombas In college as well. We all like the dust to be gone without stirring it all up like many vacuums do.

Love the instant pot and electric rice cookers. They have also made our lives much better. The instant pot is especially great for soups and stews, both of which I LOVE! We use the rice pot many times/week.

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One of my kids was diagnosed with celiac 12 years ago, we’ve had our rice cooker since then https://www.qvc.com/Zojirushi-Neuro-Fuzzy-5-12-Cup-Rice-Cooker-andWarmer.product.K120093.html?colorId=000&sizeId=000&ref=GBA&cm_mmc=GOOGLESHOPPINGFEED--Gshopping%7CGeneric%7Ccooking+dining+small+appliances--Cooking+Dining-_-dc_134880848816_pla-1642842988490__K120093-000-000&cm_mmca1=c&cm_mmca2=134880848816&cm_mmca3=pla-1642842988490&cm_mmca4=K120093-000-000&cm_mmca5=pla&cm_mmca6=16381210282&cm_mmca7=Acquisition&cm_mmca8=Acq&cm_mmca9=EAIaIQobChMI6JvdxK7O9wIVht7ICh0h-AlSEAQYAyABEgKiY_D_BwE&cm_mmca12=Generic&cm_mmca13=Cooking+Dining&cm_mmca14=534-976-1714&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6JvdxK7O9wIVht7ICh0h-AlSEAQYAyABEgKiY_D_BwE&TZ=EST

It makes great risotto too! I like my sous vide for pork and beef, I’m not thrilled with chicken.

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