Miracle products

I know there was a thread here many years ago about amazing products but I thought it time for an update. I just have to express my love for two items.

  1. Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo. I have thin hair which often looks limp except on days I wash it, which adds at least an hour to my routine. With the PHD dry shampoo I can jump in the shower with a cap on. The spray my hair for 1-2 days and not have to engage in the whole wash/ condition/section off hair/ dry/ flat iron rigamarole every gosh darn day.

  2. Walking Cradles Porsha dress shoes with high heel. I haven’t really ever worn any sort of dress shoe with a high heel. I woukd try but they’d end up off within minutes or I’d end up sitting down. I just could never force myself to be in pain at a nice gathering. But I was also tired of being one of the few non senior citizen women to be in a sensible but ugly shoe ( flats can be pretty but they are very unflattering on me). I have some Walking Cradles that I like ( short heel casual sandals) and I thought what the heck I’ll try their high heel for an upcoming wedding. Oh my goodness. Whatever they do to make this shoe should garner them a Nobel prize. For the first time I felt I had a nice wedding appropriate shoe that I could actually stand comfortably in. This has never happened before and I’ve tried every other shoe that was supposed to be comfortable.


This will be a fun thread. Encourage people to not just post products you like but LOVE and can’t do without! I’ll have to think on this one…

If you have the time would also be nice if people could provide a link to the product Amazon or otherwise. I gotta know if I can afford the “miracle”!!! :slight_smile:


Oh boy…this is going to cost me :slight_smile:


Great ideas. Post only things you feel are real “miracles” and are worth every penny. Here are mine


I can’t wear flip flops. Just can’t. The feeling of that piece between my toes is just ick. Or I thought I couldn’t wear flip flops until I found these! I can walk miles in them. :slight_smile:

While $60 seems like a steep price for a pair of shower shoes, mine lasted 8 years of on and off wear with heavy wearing in Hawaii. :slight_smile:


Omg I NEED these for pedicures! I am the exact same way about things between my toes and the salon is always like “ why didn’t you bring flip flops?” Your testimony about these just made me want them. $60 seems a small price to pay for something that would work when nothing else does!


You can find them at REI and Nordstrom. If you don’t like them, these stores have easy peasy returns! :slight_smile:


+1 to Oofos! I became hooked thanks to @BunsenBurner !

I too have not done flip flops for a long time. I’ve had 3 pairs - two thongs and one pair of slides. They last FOREVER. I put them on after work and feet are SOO happy all evening - they are good for anyone who might have a bit of plantar fasciitis. Also AMAZING for beach/water walking. They don’t fade, haven’t wore out a pair yet!

I ordered some directly from Oofos and got my slides on Amazon.


I am the same way! Always felt like there was something wrong with me, but there can’t be if I’m not the only one :smile: . I also have trouble gripping with my toes. Those Dr. Scholl’s clunky sandals EVERYONE wore in middle school - my feet would slip out and I would land on the back of them which hurt like heck. So I always need a back strap. These look curved up though. Does one need to grip to keep them on?

I never leave the house without earrings. The problem is the hole in one ear stretched out so many of my earrings don’t look even on me. Plus it just doesn’t look as good. This product has fixed the problem for me and I wear them every day. They are also good for protecting your ears from heavy earrings and for helping earrings sit just right on the lobe. They are definitely a wonder!


OMG I need to buy these! Never knew this existed and have all but given up wearing anything but studs. Thank you!!!

I really love these probiotics. They are not cheap, but my gut feels so much better in the last year I have taken these.

I also suffer from dry lips and love, love Aquafor. I have a large tube at home and always have small tubes in my handbag.


I also HATE flip flops!! Ick for the plastic thing.

Miracle product:

This stuff cleans EVERYTHING! It is the best product I’ve ever used. I buy concentrate and put it in a spray bottle. It’s also non toxic.

This hand vac for pet hair. It’s also a miracle. Saves me having to lug the vacuum cleaner everywhere.

For me, the Oofos stay on without any gripping! :slight_smile:

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Green gobbler drain clog dissolver. Have had trouble with bathtub and sink drains clogging/slow running for years. Have to have a plumber snake my drains usually yearly. Discovered this last fall and it is truly amazing. Leave it in overnight, completely free running drains next morning and is safe for pipes! (I have tried lots of enzymatic drain products over the years, this one works! )


Bar keepers friend. That stuff is gold. I have hard rusty water and BKF cleans everything. I have the powder, the liquid, the bathroom spray and toilet bowl cleaner.


It is truly a miracle product. :slight_smile:


Speaking of bathroom drains, this little tool rocks:


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Someone on the old thread once posted about pickle juice shots to stop leg cramps.
I was dubious, but as my husband is sometimes awakened by painful leg cramps, I decided to buy a case and try them.

They work like a dream! Fast, too! The cramp is gone in a minute.
Now we always have them on hand.


I thought of it a few minutes ago when I had a knot in my right shoulder muscle. I’ve never tried it for spasms before, just cramps, but why not try? My impression: it did reduce the knot a little. But it works better for actual muscle cramps.