Missed all scholarship deadlines. When is the next chance to apply?


<p>I recently found out that Virginia Tech offers many scholarships (general, departmental, honors, etc.). The due date for all of them have passed and I didn't know they were due so early. For some reason, I thought it was common that scholarship applications are due by April. I and my father filled out the FAFSA form and found that I won't get aid. SO my question is: When will the general scholarship and the engineering scholarship reopen again? I feel so stupid for ignoring these scholarships.</p>


<p>On topic of scholarships, if I applied to a lot and don't get any, is it better to quit and just get a good part time job?</p>

<p>so its not like other schools where they consider your application for admission for scholarships? I missed the scholarship deadline too because they dont publicized it at all but does that mean i wont get any merit based aid?</p>