Missing finalist weekend for big scholarships - can it be done

My DD is a finalist for the Jefferson scholarship at UVa and is invited to the finalist weekend in late March. She will hear soon whether she is a finalist for another very large scholarship at a different but equally cool school, and if so, she’ll be invited to that school for a finalist weekend - unfortunately, the same weekend. If that happens, does she just have to decide which school she would rather go to, and decline the other school’s invite? Has anyone found themselves in this situation before, and if so, any advice? This would be like picking between two favorite kids, honestly.

Many kids face this. They have to call these schools and see what they will do. Some will make you choose.

And…while this may be super important, it is not like choosing between two children. lol This isn’t Sophie’s Choice.

We ran into that also. I think sometimes the schools do it on purpose, so the kids WILL have to choose.

Colleges have schedule limits too. They can’t do the scholarship weekend on Easter or passover, they can’t do it during finals, they must do it before May 1, etc etc. I don’t think they do it purposely, but they may do it without regard to what other schools are doing.

My daughter attended the scholarship interview for her favorite school. She was offered an interview at a school she was not all that interested in attending, but she accepted the interview. Because it would involve taking off a day of work, staying in a hotel, several hours of winter driving, and already getting the scholarship at her favorite, we told her she could send them an email thanking them for the opportunity, but explaining she would not be able to attend the interview. They replied they’d do a phone interview, so she did that - took about 20 minutes. Another school invited her to do a scholarship event the last week in February. She did not get back to them because it is highly unlikely she’ll go there and she has a big speech competition that day. It’s a six hour drive away too. Today we got an email from her rep at this college saying they noticed she had not responded. They said they’d do a phone interview and that she could give them a call. She called and left a message saying she’d be interested in doing a phone interview. Our feeling is that if these schools give her the scholarships and put together an attractive package, we’ll put them right back into consideration. We didn’t get into specifics with these schools about why she couldn’t attend the events. Both of these schools told us that if you show up at the event you are most likely going to get the scholarship. Which leads me to believe this is pretty much a recruiting day at these particular schools. You might be able to visit the campus another day or do a phone interview. If you are really interested in the school, you might just request visiting on another day. It might be worth it to show up.

We now have this same situation. But for one of the scholarships, most of the money is guaranteed if you go, and the other is about 50/50. If she didn’t get the big money at the second one, she couldn’t go there. So D is sticking with the first offer. But it is a shame that they can’t compare the two, and have some choices in the end.