Money money money!

<p>Hey all,
I would like to attend a summer program at a university but of course one thing you always need is $$.
$10k is a bit too much to ask of my parents so the question remains:
What are some ways to make money besides bagging groceries and being a cashier?</p>

<p>I heard of someone who passed out fliers around the community, advertising themselves for any type of work for $15/hr. He did babysitting, yard work, house work, cooking, whatever, but he got paid, and could set his own hours. That's one idea.
Also, try and limit your spending. Put it in a bank account instead. (The interest earns a little money)</p>

<p>must funny in a rich man's world!</p>

<p>Don't even bother attending that program. It's gonna be difficult to make enough money to even put a dent in 10K. Why do you want to attend the program and what does it entail?</p>

<p>^ I agree with dblazer. What sort of program costs 10k? The most expensive ones I saw were 3k.</p>

<p>My parents will pay for part of it, and I'll need to pay for a small portion.
I want to study mathematics during the summer because I find no time to do JHUs CTY online courses during school year with all my APs and ECs. I would rather attend a summer session rather than take a class online though. I also would love to experience math at a university and meet people passionate about mathematics.</p>

<p>Harvard summer program.</p>

<p>OP -- have you considered looking at their financial aid? If you get accepted into the program, you can apply for financial aid.
Financial</a> Aid | Harvard Summer School
Tuition</a> and Financial Aid | Harvard Summer School</p>

<p>Will a 60k income be qualified for financial aid?</p>

<p>Probably. I don't think they'd expect you to give up that large a percentage of your income for this program. I'd say get your application done as early as you can, and then apply for financial aid. Also try to earn money to make up the difference, as they do say that most scholarships are only partial.</p>

<p>Thanks I'll definitely apply for financial aid then.</p>

<p>I think it's probably a poor decision to pay 10k for it if your value of your parent's money is significant (if they were very rich, your value of their money - on a per dollar basis - would be understandably low). Obviously there are things (even if you don't currently know about them) which are accessible to you in this world that would make you just as happy for less money.</p>

<p>Maybe you are not concerned about being happy, but about the math, or having the particular experience; if that is the case then there are plenty of nice math forums. It may not be the same, but I think it would suffice. This may not be the case though if you don't have a way to sufficiently supplement the things it would lack.</p>

<p>I heard that most of the people you go to harvard summer camp are insanely rich rather than insanely talented. The some kids that go to those camps buy flat screen tvs for their dorms and just leave them there after their done with the camp. I heard that one person got a personal sauna (why!?!) because it was left behind. So, yeah, $10000 is not worth it, unless if you plan on picking up a lot of tvs.</p>

<p>I suppose so as well, I guess if financial aid pays at least half then I wouldn't be worried about the money too much. Does anyone know other summer programs for math lovers (credit or no credit does not matter)? I really want to take multivar calc and linear alg over the summer at a university.</p>