<p>I know that the RD kids heard about Monroe today, but have any of you ED-ers heard yet?</p>

<p>some of my friends who applied early got the letter saying that they are getting a full ride scholarship on saturday.</p>

<p>Is the Monroe always a full ride or based on financial need?</p>

<p>I didn't think Monroe gave any money. I thought it was just a $3000 stipend for summer research?</p>

I didn't think Monroe gave any money. I thought it was just a $3000 stipend for summer research?


<p>That is correct.</p>

<p>Posts 4 and 5 are correct. Each year there's confusion on this board regarding the Monroe awards, probably because some students who are named to the Monroe program also receive good finaid packages or one of the two W & M merit awards for incoming freshmen. Here's the link to W & M's scholarship info:
William</a> & Mary - Scholarships</p>

<p>The William & Mary Scholars award is for students who bring diversity to campus or have overcome adversity to succeed. The Murray Scholars program, which is somewhat similar to the Jefferson Scholars at UVA (though smaller and less generous), covers full in-state tuition and fees for a very small number of students (4-6 in each incoming class, I believe). That's it for merit aid. The Monroe program provides a summer study stipend, special housing, preferential registration (I believe for freshman year only, though this may have changed), and a few other privileges. It is not a merit scholarship in the sense of providing assistance with college expenses. </p>

<p>There are some small merit scholarships available to current students through different departments.</p>

<p>ED and RD Monroe decisions were mailed at approximately the same time. The Monroe Scholarship is $3000. for research, not tuition.</p>