More colleges move to, plan for online classes as coronavirus spreads

"Princeton University will move classes online later this month and has encouraged students not to return to campus after spring break.

The decision comes even though the campus had no known exposure to the coronavirus or cases of it …

…Temple leaders have instructed deans “to develop contingency plans” for online classes with support from the school’s teaching center, Epps said.

Rowan University in New Jersey extended spring break from one week to two, starting next week and running through March 27, so that faculty can plan for possible online classes …

… Lehigh University provost Pat Farrell also asked faculty to prepare: ‘This move is not imminent, and may not be needed, but if it is needed, we may not have much time to prepare.’

The planning comes as universities grapple with virus fallout. The University of Pennsylvania last week announced it was canceling visiting days for admitted students and its Wharton China summit, both scheduled for April." …–20200310.html

smart move. Many if not all NJ school districts are preparing to do the same within next week or 2.

This to shall pass

UCSD just announced a move to online classes.

Add Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN to the list. As of right now it is “online” until March 30th. They had several students come back to campus who had contact with a student who had tested positive but never came back to campus.

There is an ongoing thread already