More info on wofford

<p>I would like to know an unbiased opinion about wofford. I really like the sound of it and I liked what the website had to say, but I would like a first hand account. What is the campus like and what types of students go there? I want to premed and would like to know the avg. Stats to get into that program. I am between it and Furman. Can I have a comparison of academics, type of students, and campus?

<p>Avg gpa: 87 (100 scale unweighted)
Sat: ~1700
Act: 25
I will have taken 7 AP courses by the end of my senior year at a very tough (academically) boarding school in VA.</p>

<p>I am a grad of Wofford as is my son and daugther in law. I am also on the alumni board. I will be glad to talk with you and answer your questions if you care to call. My law firm number is 704.372.5600. Wofford has a very strong pre-med program with 60%+ med school admissions. There is a new med school directly across from our campus that will have many afilliated programs with Wofford. Wofford now has 1500 students evenly split among male and female. We are a member of the Southern Conference and we are very successful in both football and basketball. In fact our basketball team went to the NCAAs last year with the football team sharing the Southern Conference championship with App. Even more importantly we have one of the highest graduation rates of our STUDENT athletes of any college in the US. You also have to see our senior village where all seniors live their last year. Colleges around the country are copying it. I hope to have the opportunity to talk with you and I would welcome the chance to show you and your folks around campus. I live in Charlotte so Iam only 90 minutes from Spartanburg</p>

<p>We visited the campus. It is gorgeous. The Senior Village looks like a high end condo complex.</p>