More people finding old flames

<p>The</a> thrills and pitfalls of finding old flames online - San Jose Mercury News</p>

<p>I've been reconnecting with old friends and getting to know people better from my high school days through Facebook, etc. But dig up an old flame? Mine are better left buried!!</p>

<p>Most of my old boyfriends have not aged well, but I have enjoyed reconnecting on facebook with a couple of them. Certainly no temptations......</p>

<p>Momofwildchild, my guess is you told your old boyfriends they have the same amount of hair and the same waist line as they did in HS. Unfortunately, it is only because the hair they lost on top of their heads has been replaced by an equal amount coming out of their ears and noses, and the tape measure they are using now to measure their waists is made out of rubber bands! :)</p>

<p>Why connect with an old flame when I still have the love of my life and the best friend I'll ever know sitting happily here beside me? Love ya, Pima!</p>

<p>I've seen my old HS beau on other friends' friends list, but I haven't contacted him, and he hasn't contacted me. Some things are better left alone.</p>

<p>Oh! Flames! The title says "fames".... :)</p>

<p>Yeah, I thought we' descended into obscurity.
Flame away!</p>

<p>one of my old high school boyfriend's is my friend on facebook, bit for the most part they have all married and have happy lives..I am witnessing a little classmate love affair going on ( which never would have happened in HS. )</p>

<p>I was wondering about "old fames" too.</p>

<p>One of our favorite members at the senior center where I work re-connected with his high school sweetheart a couple of years ago. His wife had just passed away after a difficult illness - he went back to Minnesota (I believe for a class reunion) and met up with his old flame, who had been recently widowed herself. They are a wonderful couple, so happy together! We're glad, because he's known too much unhappiness in his life. He apparently didn't need the internet to find her. But speaking of "old" flames - they're well into their 80s. And make the drive between Minnesota and upstate New York twice a year.</p>

<p>I thought that too "old fames" - like back when I was the smartest girl in my pledge, never-mind.
Don't particularly want to find any of the (other than DH) guys I dated in high school. Last time I saw one, he was pumping gas at the Chevron station at the bottom of the hill by my parents' house.</p>

<p>Well crap. Maybe should start it over.</p>

<p>I'm gonna live for-eva!
Now theres a blast from the past!

<p>Has anyone seen "Same Time Next Year"? I don't know why this thread reminded me of that old movie.</p>

<p>^^^ That's a really nice older movie. Ellen Burstyn is a wonderful actress.</p>

<p>"old flames?" Do flames become old or do they turn into embers?</p>

Some things are better left alone.


<p>That's exactly what I thought when my ex-husband sent a Facebook friend request.</p>

<p>Funny that someone brought up "Same Time Next Year"... while we were dating, DH and I thought it was a funny and fun look at how people connect over time. DH's father ranted on about how it de-valued the commitment married people should have. 30 years later, I agree.</p>

<p>I was thinking old fames - like the Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days....</p>

<p>I had an old flame contact me after years of mildly pining away for him. It had ended badly and never got resolved, but the minute I got the e-mail out of the blue, that cured it for me. I realized then that it was all about false nostalgia which is definitely not as good as the hubby I've got in front of me!</p>