...more questions

<p>...still waiting to hear :( but this morning realized that my email is set to reject emails with embedded links -- for those of you who heard already, was your link to the letter in the email? was it to an address with your orange access number?
has anyone been waitlisted?
and has anyone gotten an email dated today?</p>

<p>i have the same exact question, i applied to newhouse and am now really nervous becuase everyone seems to of heard something already is it possible they just stagger the emails instead of sending all the acceptences then all the rejections?</p>

<p>LeslieC1: the e-mail had a link; we don't know anyone that was waitlisted (aren't you a Coronet invitee though??? or did I read a previous post wrong?)</p>

<p>jons611: the emails did not have rejections, but some people were offered arts & sci as 2nd choice to Newhouse....</p>

<p>Given that someone who lives in Syracuse got snailmail before the e-mail, I would imagine that the packages were sent out on Thursday; if you live in NE, they should get to you by today or Monday.....(in case they did not have your e-mail)....</p>

<p>yeah the thing is they do have my email thats why im worried and why wouldnt they just send out all the emails at one time. its just very nervewracking because i didnt get it in the mail today and now if they are done sending emails i wont have any word till at least monday</p>

<p>no chance of Coronat -- SATs are 2040 -- but was asking about the Maxwell scholarship; I have that link now. but I thought I'd have a shot at A&S even if I didn't get into Newhouse. now I have to wait til Monday.</p>

<p>leslie: My d wasn't invited to apply for any scholarship. but was admitted directly to Newhouse (not sure about other merit $$; it wasn't in the e-mail)...What was Maxwell? I think if you are invited to apply for other scholarships, you can assume you are admitted (that seems to be the way it's working elsewhere)....I'll update if we get snailmail today....Where do you live?</p>

<p>the maxwells open to everyone who gets in but last year they sent out a letter i think. this year theres a link on the accepted students page you can read about it. and last year the merit $ came a week or so after the fat ones</p>

<p>thanks for the link....and thank you for the "heads up" on merit money....Maxwell looks interesting and intense.......</p>

<p>someone posted before that they were starting to send out the e-mails now and would continue the rest of the month or something</p>

<p>package arrived in NJ today; Leslie: you were right; no merit $$ included....we'll see.....</p>