Morehouse Class of 2017

<p>Hey everyone! So, I have gained admission to Morehouse College and I was wondering how many of you have gained admission and are strongly considering Morehouse?</p>

<p>I have been waiting on this thread to show up! :) I too have been accepted into Morehouse College, and I am really considering it. Morehouse falls in at about #3 on my list behind Oxford College of Emory and UAB. Have you toured it? I have been putting it off and it'd be nice to have some insight.</p>

<p>Congratulations! Morehouse admitted me as well, but I haven't had the opportunity to explore and tour campus yet, so I can't offer any genuine insight. The only concern I have however is the surrounding area - from what I hear, it's quite disconcerting at times. Have you heard similar things said?</p>

<p>I've heard that safety can be a big issue in the areas around the campus; however, the general consensus (from both review sites and experiences from alumni I've talked to) is that Morehouse is safe so long as you don't go off campus alone-especially when it gets dark. Have you recieved any financial aid information? Morehouse's website showed that merit scholarship decisions are made during admissions, but I also saw that students needed to fill out the FAFSA to get aid. Not sure if it's one or the other.</p>

<p>Congratulations on your acceptance to Morehouse, My name is Mark, Im a freshman Biology major and can answer any questions you guys my have. Feel free to hit me up on Facebook... Mark Alsay or twitter @hesoboojie</p>

<p>hope you all choose 'The House' happy holidays</p>

<p>@SuperCC your merit package should come after you get your acceptance letter. Got the acceptance on the 18th of December, got the merit award covering full tuition January 12th. Sadly, I may end up at Howard because they offered to cover housing and fees as well..</p>

<p>@Mark456, do you know if Morehouse covers housing under any circumstance? I really want to go to Morehouse, but I can't if I have to pay 17k a year vs 5k at HU before FAFSA. I mean, Pell Grants will give me the max, and I would do work study if I meant I could go to Morehouse. Nonetheless, the fact that my state's tuition reciprocity agreement will only give me $500 if I go OOS vs the full amount if I go to DC is a big problem.</p>

<p>@Dc2013 Yes, Morehouse does cover housing. I also am a full tuition recipient, my housing is paid for by mixture of morehouse's private grants. One is an 10,000 endowed donors grant, and the other is my Pell grant and SEOG. Everything they will offer you will be in your official
financial awards letter from the college. Your best bet is to stay on top of the financial aid department and they will find money for you. Do not take No for an answer</p>

<p>What scholarship package can I expect with a 1940 SAT I score?</p>