Morehouse Class of 2027

My son received his acceptance to Morehouse with a nice scholarship this evening! He’s quite excited as he’d love to go to school in Atlanta. He has also applied to GT (we are OOS, so this is a long shot), so we hope to be able to visit both when we attend the Morehouse accepted students day in February.


Hello! My son received his acceptance to Morehouse with a scholarship award as well. So excited for him; particularly exciting because his dad is an Alum. Had not heard about the ‘accepted students day’ though… didn’t see anything on website. Maybe I missed it on letter. Would you be willing to share the date? Sounds like a great event! Thank you!

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I was also wondering about the Accepted Students Day. All I saw was that it’s in February.

It is mid February and I do not see when Admitted Students Day is on the website. Does anyone have a confirmed date? I emailed Morehouse but have not received a reply.

I’m so disappointed by the lack of communication from Morehouse. I also don’t know the date for the admitted students day. They mentioned it back in December and it’s been crickets ever since.

I concur…
They have huge room for improvement. With that said, April 22-24th will be Admitted Students Weekend with Monday the 24th being The Admitted Students Day.

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