Mos schools require AP

I’m finishing up my high school diploma at a community college. All my courses are duality credit but I don’t have an option for AP. Can I still apply to top UK universities from America? My Gpa isn’t the best because I missed a lot of school from leukemia but I’m a strong student overall

UK schools are not interested in your GPA: they admit on standardized testing, you Personal Statement (an essay about why you are a good candidate for the course you are applying for) and your Letter of Recommendation (Oxbridge also often require extra info: graded work, and/or a subject specific aptitude test, plus a subject specific interview). Most (though not all- Cambridge does not, for example) UK universities accept SATIIs as wells as APs.

Also, be aware that MANY students take AP exams without having taken a course called ‘AP’. They do that by self-studying with the help of test prep books (often having taken a similar course, so for example they take Calculus, then self-study how the AP works and what material is important, then sit the test).

Be sure to check whether the subject you are applying to study specifies particular tests: for example, in most cases to do a science, they want a test score in that science, and often one in math as well.

UK university websites are very comprehensive and list international qualifications.