Move to USA now or when new school year begins.

I currently live in the UAE and I am halfway through the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. I just got the USA visa (green card) so I needed advice on whether I should move now in the middle of the year, or wait till June and continue school from September in USA. I am planning to move to California, somewhere around Irvine.
Also should I do AP or continue IB there.
The subjects I am currently taking are as follows:
Maths HL
Physics HL
Psychology HL
Business and Management HL
English language and literature SL
Spanish ab initio SL
And the required TOK, CAS, extended essay, etc. for the IB Diploma.

<p>I would finish the year because the school you would attend in Cali probably would not be at the same point as your IB classes in UAE, so there could be repeated material, material you missed, or just something completely different. You should probably continue IB classes and mix some APs in your schedule if there is space.</p>

<p>PM me, OP 10char</p>

<p>Yeah pm me too if you need information.</p>


<p>it'll be hard enough not coming in the middle of the year.......</p>

<p>and I'ld just continue IB if you can. makes life easier</p>

<p>I'm gonna disagree and say come now... I moved the summer between freshman and sophomore year and it was just so awkward because no one really knew I was new or introduced themself to me. If you come in the middle at least it'll call attention to you and people will be excited to meet you and what not. Also, it'll give you some time before college apps and stuff. But if you are super worried about the academic part then I guess that would be a good reason to stay</p>