Movie suggestions?

<p>We are having a couple of families (with their kids) over this weekend for dinner and a movie. Although the kids are all high school and college aged, we would like to find something we can all watch together without anyone feeling uncomfortable (rather traditional families here---we know kids watch all kinds of stuff with friends but we would rather watch something benign together!)
Old or new movies would be fine--thrillers would be perfect (Hitchcock type stuff), dramas are good, lightweight intelligent comedy would be great too.
I have been scouring Netflix. I only have instant watch now and nothing is really jumping out.....
Any suggestions?</p>

<p>For some reason, Cinderella Man popped into my head. Love that one. We also like documentaries, like the one about the spelling bee. How 'bout Good Night and Good Luck?</p>

<p>Whatever you do, if you want a family movie, don't watch Black Swan. The 19yo picked it to watch with us and his 16yo brother. I know it's rated R, but I was shocked at the graphic sexual nature of the movie.</p>

<p>Princess Bride.
Or The Lady Vanishes.</p>

<p>My family, including the teenagers, loves to watch Matilda. It's one of our favorites and has held up for over 15 years. We also love The Iron Giant. We watched both in our new to us car DVD this past weekend. All of my kids also adore The Princess Bride.</p>

<p>Another nice inter-generational movie is Forrest Gump. Good Night and Good Luck was terrific as well but my mid teens got a little bored. Fried Green Tomatoes might be a nice choice if the kids are female; my sons thought it dragged.</p>

<p>For historical movies (one of my favorite genres), I love Lady Jane and A Man for All Seasons. You can also never go wrong with To Kill A Mockingbird.</p>

<p>Enjoy your movie night and let us know what you picked.</p>

<p>Amazon has a pretty big selection of movies that you can watch for 4 or 5 bucks.</p>

<p>North by Northwest
The African Queen (one of the best movies of all time. Recently digitally restored, and it's GORGEOUS!)
The Lady Vanishes is also great, as ek4 said.</p>

<p>If you want a comedy- Some Like it Hot!</p>

<p>ek4- we're on the same wavelength! - I though of Some Like it Hot, but had a senior moment and forgot to type it in.</p>

<p>Bringing Up Baby</p>

<p>Some of the quirky British comedies are fun. Blanking on names right now - will come back later after I run to the store.</p>

<p>How about Casablanca or my all time favorite, Butch Cassidy.<br>
Other thoughts: Maltese Falcon, Vertigo, The Birds, Rear Window (notice the Hitchcock theme a la The Lady Vanishes and North by Northwest). We just watched It Happened One Night, which was hysterical!
Anyone in your family up for The Godfather (I +/or II)?</p>

<p>Also, should add Gone With The Wind, unless they've all seen it recently. That movie never gets old.</p>

<p>My kids were bored by The Birds. Didn't find it suspenseful at all. :(</p>

<p>High Noon? How 'bout a tear-jerker like Sounder or Old Yeller?</p>

<p>How about another Hitchcock suggestion that I think is highly underrated: "Shadow of a Doubt". Can't go wrong with Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotten.</p>

<p>I haven't seen anybody mention "The Sting". Also usually fun for all age groups.</p>

<p>"The Right Stuff"--besides the fascinating look at the history of the space program from its roots at Edwards Air Force Base's supersonic program, this movie portrays the looks and politics of the 60's with a great cast (Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid, and Ed Harris).</p>

<p>Beautiful visuals, rare positive values (as well as the cool factor) for young men and women, and heroism. If you have never shared this movie with your family, please give it a try. The book, by Tom Wolfe, is also a great read.</p>

<p>That reminds me of October Sky ( The true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who was inspired by the first Sputnik launch to take up rocketry against his father's wishes.) &
The Dish.

In the days before the July 19, 1969 space mission that marked humankind's first steps on the moon, NASA was working with a group of Australian technicians who had agreed to rig up a satellite interface. That the Aussies placed the satellite dish smack dab in the middle of an Australian sheep farm in the boondocks town of Parkes was just one of the reasons that NASA was concerned. Based on a true story, The Dish takes a smart, witty, comical look at the differing cultural attitudes between Australia and the U.S. while revisiting one of the greatest events in history.


<p>Never seen The Right Stuff but love Apollo 13.</p>

<p>The Right Stuff is a favorite of mine, but runs over 3 hours. Be warned.</p>

<p>If you loved Apollo 13, I bet you'll love The Right Stuff.</p>

<p>^^Yet, the only boring moment--a Texas BBQ celebration with a fan dance, is easily fast forwarded.</p>

<p>On the recent side: State of Play (2009) - a nice political thriller, with Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren</p>

<p>The Ghost Writer (2010) - same genre, with Ewan MacGregor, directed by Roman Polanski. Kind of a downer but absorbing.</p>

<p>Limetless - just out on DVD, with Bradley Cooper and Robert diNiro. We thought this was a nicely atypical thriller; PG-13. There are some mild sex scenes, so maybe not for the group you mentioned. </p>

<p>I haven't seen Source Code yet and it didn't impress at the box office, but it got an excellent review in The New Yorker, and not many action thrillers do; with Jake Gyllenhaal</p>

<p>Going back a bit (early-mid 2000s) - Minority Report (sci fi and kind of a downer as well, but REALLY good); Deja Vu (with Denzel Washington - interesting time-travel theme, set in New Orleans after Katrina); Paycheck (another thriller that plays with time; Ben Affleck, who's good, and Aaron Eckhart, who's always great to watch)</p>

<p>How about a sports film? They're good for a multi-generational group. I would suggest Invictus (2009) with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, Remember the Titans with Denzel Washington, or maybe my favorite sports movie, from 1979, Breaking Away.</p>

<p>If Hitchcock is a possibility, I think you can't do better than Vertigo or Rear Window (if you prefer Jimmy Stewart to Cary Grant), or North by Northwest or Notorious (if the other way round).</p>

<p>If you're okay with really old movies, lightweight intelligent comedies from the 1930s aren't hard to find - my favorites are His Girl Friday, Bringing up Baby, and My Man Godfrey.</p>

<p>We just watched "The Tourist" with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie last weekend. It was pretty entertaining.</p>

<p>I was going to suggest Shadow of a Doubt too - studied it in a film class. Seldom seen, but really good. I love The Right Stuff and Apollo 13. October Sky is pretty good too (rockets, but high school science fair not space. See it's been mentioned too.)</p>

<p>If people haven't seen it The Sting is great, and has that nice Scott Joplin music. </p>

<p>War movies (sorta)
The Bridge on the River Kwai.

<p>Becall and Bogie
To Have and Have Not.</p>

Hepburn and Bogie**
The African Queen.</p>

<p>Hepburn and Grant
Bringing up Baby.</p>

High Noon
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.
The Searchers
Stage Coach</p>

<p>Film Noir
Double Indemnity (with Barbara Stanwyck)
The Maltese Falcon</p>

<p>I did like the Tourist.
it was in the Hitchcockian genre.</p>

<p>Wow--so many great suggestions! Thanks so much! A quick glance and I see that "The Right Stuff" is available on Netflix and "Shadow of a Doubt" as well as "State of Play" are available at our public library. I also found "Family Plot" on Netflix--one of Hitchcock's later movies I seem to remember being fun and quirky.</p>

<p>I think we are all set for the weekend--and I will surely keep this wonderful list of suggestions handy for an evening when spouse and I are bored and looking for something to do.</p>