Movies that suck

<p>ok, obviously inspired by the Books That Suck Thread lol</p>

<p>Little Black Book- I thought it was so stupid,and it was just totally random and dumb. also the 2nd woman character (i saw it a while ago, i cant remember her name) who had pretty hair, u know the one who was britanny murphy's character's coworker... she was so stupid/confusing!</p>

<p>Paparazzi- this was actually an interesting movie, but the ending was pretty dumb</p>

<p>yeah i would list the "obvious" movies, like Glitter, but I havent seen it so i cant really say that it sucked</p>

<p>This is really broad...</p>

<p>I think that 90% of anything released sucks. You don't even have to watch it to know.</p>

<p>Monster's Ball - my sister wouldn't let me watch half of it because Halle Berry's clothes were off (a few years ago). Unless if there was something in the sex scenes that I missed, this movie was complete crap.</p>

<p>Sideways - boooooooooooooooooring.</p>

<p>Garden State - I love Natalie Portman and NJ, but this movie was such a disappointment. It made me fall asleep. TWICE.</p>

<p>Police Academy - boooooooooooooring.</p>

<p>Big Fish - I loved the cinematography and Ewan McGregor's acting, but the movie as a whole sucked, mainly because of the ending.</p>

<p>awwwww I thought Garden State rocked.</p>

<p>Bride and Prejudice was the latest sucky movie I'd seen. Geez... I should just stick to the bbc miniseries next time I'm tempted.</p>

<p>Little Black Book- I left the theatre 30 mins into it...</p>

<p>Hairy Potter movies- I know a lot of ppl disagree with me, but I thought they were all terrible.</p>

<p>Kangaroo Jack- Any movie with a rapping kangaroo is bad. Period.</p>

<p>oh i almost forgot</p>

<p>Napoleon DynamitE!
why there are people in this world who think the movie is "cool", i do not know. i thought it was the most dull,pointless and stupid movie ever!! well... actually i only saw the first 3/4 of it. but from what i heard im sure i wouldnt have liked the end anyway</p>

<p>well, i watched napoleon dynamite by myself, and i thought it was pretty lame, but when i watched it with my friends, we had a blast.</p>

<p>for some of these movies, watching it with your family or by yourself would seem pretty lame, but it isn<code>t that bad if you get a group of your friends and watch it together. or maybe that</code>s just me.</p>


<p>Any movie that I don't approve of is lame. Period.</p>

<p>Agreed on Napoleon Dynamite. Um, what else. First two of the Harry Potter movies (the newer ones are good), the last Matrix (I thought the second one was entertaining, though, which everyone else thinks sucked), pretty much every holiday movie ever made.</p>

<p>Scary Movie was the stupidest and crudest piece of crap I've ever seen.</p>

<p>Haha I loved Scary Movie.</p>


<p>I know Pirates of the Carribean was extremely popular with both audiences and critics, but I despised it. Orlando Bloom has no charisma as an action hero and gets badly upstaged by Johnny Depp. It's way too long for a popcorn flick at 2 hours and 30 minutes, and for a movie with such a unique setting, it's awfully familiar and repetitive.</p>

<p>Syriana. Don't see it. The commercials make it look great, like Traffic. In actuality, its a bunch or boring politicans and feuding oil tycoons.</p>

<p>Plan 9 From Outer Space is pretty much the Best Worst Movie ever. See it.</p>

<p>I also hated Elizabethtown and Alexander...</p>

<p>I hated those X-men movies.</p>

<p>definitely Harry Potter ...</p>

<p>Napolean Dynamite</p>