MT acceptance delays causing other delays

<p>My daughter is auditioning for musical theatre programs and they go into March. She may not have an answer from most schools for a few weeks AFTER that. She has been accepted into several schools academically (some with large scholarship offers), and they are telling her to apply for housing (which requires a deposit), let them know about Honors programs, etc, NOW "to guarantee her spot". We just cannot send in deposits for multiple schools that we do not know if she will get in the MT program, yet. Other schools are not even telling her if he has been accepted AT ALL until the results of her audition are in. She is missing out on deadlines for scholarships, housing, honors programs, etc. Has anyone else run into this? It has cost us a few thousand dollars to apply to so many schools (and when they only take 20 out of HUNDREDS, you have to) that she gets accepted in with flying colors academically (4.0 UW GPA, 33 ACT, long list of activities and community service), but may not make it past the, all of those application fees are gone! And, by the time she gets an acceptance into an MT program, it's too late for everything else. Other kids, with regular majors, have been interviewing for scholarships, have their housing all squared away and many even know their roommate! She started MONTHS before everyone else with the application process and feels SO far behind now. Why don't these school do like sports...accept you into THAT program first, then you apply to those you like from that smaller list??</p>

<p>Tagarmom: Have you checked into the housing deposits at the schools? Many of them are refundable once you decline admission.. I had to send in a few deposits for each of my kids as a fall back but was able to get the money back.
If she has one or two that she likes over the rest then perhaps you can do those..
Also, many schools will guarantee a spot for housing, ask the theatre depts..
Not sure about the scholarships.. I do recall that there is time after the decisions come out for many schools for kids to apply!</p>

<p>Surely you only have to send the deposit to the top school?</p>

<p>Try posting this in the musical theater forum. Discussion home then specific majors, MT</p>

<p>As a mom/survivor of the dual-pronged MT-academic admission process with a high-stats kid...I get you. First, breathe. I know what it's like to get a great academic acceptance, scholarship/honors offers...and you have no idea if your kiddo will be one of the 2% accepted. Keep breathing. And keep a few things in mind.</p>

<p>First...check with the schools regarding their housing policies. If they guarantee housing, that's one less stress. If they guarantee housing, but it's first come/first served, with the last kids living by the dumpsters in the far end of campus, move to your second housing question -- is the housing deposit refundable? If yes, go ahead and send it, if no, consider if you're willing to make a "donation" of X dollars to a school based on her having a decent place to sleep if accepted, and if not, to walk away from it.</p>

<p>With honors programs, I would recommend that your d go ahead and apply, as well as for any and all academic merit/competitive scholarships (obviously, talent monies are awarded based on her audition). Had my d been able to "take the money and run" with the scholarships offered by the 9 schools that ACADEMICALLY accepted her, we could have set up somewhere very nice in a quiet foreign country w/out extradition laws....oops...back to reality! HOWEVER...once your d does make a decision, QUICKLY contact each of the "no" schools and let them know she won't be attending/using those scholarship dollars -- there is a possibility they may be awarded to another student. (Think good scholarship karma!)</p>

<p>Regarding her final choice of school -- May 1 is the "drop dead" deadline for a choice. So although it's HARD for her to walk around school with the other kids wearing the hoodies of their schools, talking roommates and coordinating bedding, there's still time. (I know she still has auditions ahead of her -- will she be doing the National Unifieds?) When people in our lives last year asked (and asked, and asked....) where d was going, our stock answer was "still auditioning, still deciding...we will let you know by May 1!" Then a smile and quick change of subject.</p>

<p>Some things we learned along the way -- keep scrupulous records of dates and deadlines, scholarship/honors apps, notification dates, etc. (I still have my graphs...). Know she she only needs one acceptance -- she can only go to one school, and I'd imagine you spent many, many hours crafting a list of schools that are a great match for her. Don't fall in love with one school as the "IT" school -- just approach each one with an open mind. Let her concentrate on doing her best at each audition...but know that it's really out of her hands who the committee chooses (and it may have nothing to do with her talent...but that the program needs, say, more short blonds who belt, and yours is a lovely ingenue, perfect for the other program she's auditioning for that same weekend!) Oh...and breathe. </p>

<p> is enough to drive you nuts. Knowing that, with her stats, if your kid wanted a "normal" path through college, you'd be set. Probably have done a nice early or rolling admission, be buying coordinated bedding with the new roomie.... It is frustrating knowing there most likely will be some artistic rejections along the way. But with MT, that's not how it rolls. I do believe, with a well-crafted list of schools, there is a place for our kids. And after all, as performers, they are looking forward to a life of some insecurity....we just hang on and enjoy the ride.</p>

<p>Feel free to PM me to continue the discussion. I get it. And you (and she) will survive this year. She will find the school that loves her, and that she loves. And not knowing now...just builds the suspense!</p>

<p>Tagarmom: Just wanted to be another voice that "gets it!" Our MT D auditioned for 16 schools and has artistic acceptances to 2 so far, both of which she would be happy to attend. Sadly, she made the fatal mistake of falling completely in love with one program that we won't hear back from until mid-March.</p>

<p>Meanwhile she's getting pressure from one school in particular to let them know if she is going to accept their artistic offer within 2 weeks, or she will have to re-audition for the program. (different from the academic admission she already received and doesn't have to accept or reject until May 1). And the Honors college called and said she has to get her housing deposit in by March 1 if she wants to be considered for Honors housing (non-refundable). </p>

<p>Then there's that one audition left the first weekend in March that we're still trying to decide whether to do. We have to fly to the school, rent a car and stay in a hotel. Do we really want to spend that extra money when she already has 2 good options? But that school is by FAR the most affordable option (and a great program, to boot!), so we're thinking maybe it's worth the gamble.... AAAHHH! It's enough to make your head explode!</p>

<p>So I COMPLETELY understand your frustration. If only we had "normal" kids who just had to write essays, submit applications and then sort out the offers as they rolled in!</p>

<p>I would encourage you to pick one school and send in the deposit. You may never get it back, but think of it as insurence for her to attend a school she likes in the event she does not get into one of the MT programs.</p>

<p>I have a brochure in front of me called "Students' Rights and Responsibilities in the College Application Process" from the NCAC which says, in part: </p>

You have the right to wait until May 1 to respond to an offer of admission and/or financial aid. </p>

<p>Colleges that request commitments to offers prior to May 1 must clearly offer you the opportunity to request in writing an extension until May 1. They must grant you this extension and your request may not jeopardize your status for admission/aid.


<p>Here is the online version: Students</a>' Rights and Responsibilities in the College Admission Process (Also Available in Spanish)</p>

<p>I realize that doesn't address housing, honors or perhaps even artistic acceptance, but still useful info I hope.</p>