Hi guys! I wanted to create a thread to connect with any other applicants/interested students in Muhlenberg College who applied Early Decision like I did. Best of luck to everyone :slight_smile: I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 15th- feel free to reach out/comment if you’re an ED kid too!

does anyone know when decisions come out ? the website says the 15th but they call if you get in ED so it cant be on the weekend… thanks !!

Decisions will be posted online on Friday 12/14/18 at 4 pm EST. Good luck!

Thank you!! Did they email this information to all applicants?

I think so. We got an email on Monday around 5pm.

Accepted!! I am so happy right now, wish everyone else the best of luck with their college processes!

Congratulations! My daughter was also accepted. We are all so excited! Muhlenberg is a special place.

Just curious, did all the those that got accepted Ed get phone calls from the admissions office? My son did and it sure made him happy to get the news via a call. Just curious if they took the time to call everybody and wondering if the call is a usual practice?

My daughter also received a call, around 3 pm. What a lovely touch!

Congratulations and welcome to the new Mules! I have a Senior and a freshman and they’re both very happy.

Could anyone share their stats? My D is interested for class of 2020. Thanks!

MA mom, My son had 1400 SAT, top 10% of class. Several AP classes. Cross country and track team captain, orchestra, NHS, and a few more ECs. He was accepted ED and offered Dana Scholar. Hope that helps.

Does anyone know when admitted student’s day is?

I believe it is April 13th.

My son had a 1320, 4.0 weighted, two AP classes, honors classes, tons of activities. Good luck.