Music Theater Lovers: where u @!

<p>If you are looking into going into Music Theater as a major, what colleges are you looking at (Besides Carnegie b/c I know they are purty beasty)?</p>

<p>^ I'm not going in as Music theater major but I would like to double major or Minor in Drama emphasis on acting.</p>

<p>I'm considering UCLA, UCI and UCB</p>

<p>UCI has a new musical theater program it's quite good I may say, I saw one of their musicals and even though it's one year old, I must say it's outstanding</p>

<p>UCLA is super competitive so I may not do theater at all, I'll try going into the film school maybe next year.</p>

<p>UCB has a down-low theater program (that is u don't hear about it much)
but it's pretyt good</p>

<p>OP..if you are looking in Pittsburgh area, i'd suggest Point Park!</p>

<p>Anyone else any ideas?</p>

<p>What about Michigan?!?</p>