Musical Theater/ Ithaca Dance Prescreens

Hi! Is anyone else late getting their Ithaca application in because of the dance prescreen? They have a very specific routine. My daughter didn’t record it over the summer because we weren’t sure if they change the routine from year to year (I should have emailed them or asked on CC). Now we have to find studio time, pay the dance instructor. I’m wondering if there will be any audition spaces by the time we submit our prescreens? My D just started dance but she did record a nice, short general routine for the other prescreens. It’s just not as easy for has would be to just record a monologue or a song. I know her voice teacher said some of her other students were skipping Ithaca this year.

I read that they aren’t even looking at prescreens until the middle of the month. We sent my S prescreen in a few weeks ago, but I know a lot of people who have yet to start the process. In short, go for it.