Must Monroe Scholars room with other Monroe Scholars?

Hi there, This question was already asked within another thread, but I’m impatient and thought I’ might get a quicker answer this way.

My D just found out she is a Monroe Scholar. She has been communicating with another girl for awhile, who she met on W&M instagram, and had been thinking of asking the girl to room with her this weekend. Feels awkward to ask this girl if, per chance, she is a Monroe Scholar too. I guess she’ll have to be patient and wait to find out W&M’s policy next week, but it would be nice to know now how roommate matching happens for Scholars who would like to live Monroe Hall (or Taliaferro, which I understand may be used as well).

Your daughter does not have to room with another Monroe Scholar. In fact, they do not necessarily have to room in Monroe Hall if they do not want to. A couple of my good friends were named Monroe Scholars (and one of them a 1693 Scholar) but they chose to live in my freshman hall, Spotswood, which housed the Sharpe Community Scholars program. She can room with whoever she wants, and there are a number of other students besides Monroe Scholars anyway, so there is always a chance that she will be paired up with another student that is not a Monroe Scholar if she decided to get paired up randomly.

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Thank you @shawnspencer !