Must read "Official Venting Thread" on Admissions Forum!

<p>All you parents out there - this is a must read thread to give you (and me) a little perspective on what our kids are going through. Please don't hijack the thread, but it is an eye opener. I've tried to press when needed, but pull back and dial down the stress; but it's hard to find the balance. If you haven't found it yet - keep trying. Our kids need to have a some sanity left when they get through this. Thanks.</p>

<p>I just took a look at the other forum. Interesting to read the 'rants'. It is so sad to me that somehow everyone is believing that life ends if they don't get into a 'top' school. </p>

<p>It is definitely true that kids from homes with both parents, and involved parents, and higher incomes, etc are more likely to get the chances to go to a 'top' school. It is true that athletes get recruited to 'top' schools with much lower GPAs than other students. All of this is true. </p>

<p>How do we reassure our kids that it's OK that life isn't fair, and that they are just fine the way they are, and that they will be a success in life whether they go to a 'top' school or the local state university. I just want to give them a hug and let them know they are just fine they way they are, to quit worrying about what everyone else does, and focus on how they can be the best they are.</p>