My Cal Poly Website

<p>Is the admissions part of the website working for you guys?
I get this messege: Your page is loading please wait. Please don’t close this window!</p>

<p>Then I wait and then it says it failed to connect or w/e…like its down or something.</p>

<p>yes i just got that too maybe they r working on both our apps rightnow?</p>

<p>haha this is annoying ... Maybe they are!
Maybe they are going to let us both in ;)</p>

<p>haha it let me see my staus one time (NDHBAT) still but now it wont let me see anything at all [biting nails]</p>

<p>Its working now ! Is Philosophy a hard major to get into?</p>

<p>no idea did u get in?</p>

<p>i've never really heard anythin about philosophy there, so i don't think it's hard.. what are your stats?!</p>

<p>I have a low GPA (for the school)...I cant name it off the top of my head but itd be lucky if I got in. Mines still No Determination..</p>

<p>mine too :(</p>

<p>Ughhh this is so annoying! The months almost over too! My Spring Break is next week...meaning that Im probably going to stare at the website the entire time until they post it..</p>

<p>No determination :( Business Admin.</p>

<p>whats ur Stats? ^</p>

<p>i'm with you rain, i'm still waiting for business admin</p>

<p>it sucks. because now my spring break is ruined.
i was planning on going down to slo, if i was admitted.</p>

<p>and i am not going if i am not admitted, so now i am stuck at home! gah! stupid cal poly!</p>

<p>okay so i just checked.</p>

<p>as of wed. 3/19 10:46 am, i have been rejected for architecture.</p>

<p>the screen says, "you have not been selected for admission."</p>


<p>Same, I have not been selected for admission to Cal Poly :( Oh well, I was kind of expecting it at this point.</p>

<p>jackht27 Oregon is an amazing school! I know lots of cool kids from my son's class who will be attending there. :)</p>

<p>Go Ducks!</p>

<p>Jackht27--I agree with^^^some really great kids from my school in socal are also going to Oregon! I wish you the best.</p>

<p>thanks, same to you!</p>

<p>Oh Jack....
Think positive. You are going to meet people at Oregon that are going to change your life! Go there, be happy, do something great everyday. (That's a brief version of the pep speech my GC gives all my classmates).</p>