my chance of getting in?


<p>~SAT 1- 2190</p>

<p>~SAT 2- US HIST (800), BIO (760), KOREAN (800)</p>

<p>~APs- US HIST(5), WORLD HIST(5), BIO(5), CHEM(5)</p>

<p>~Tennis 2 yrs</p>

<p>~Eagle scout</p>

<p>~church orchestra 5 yrs</p>

<p>~Volunteer at Aquarium of Pacific 250+ hrs</p>

<p>~various missions trips</p>

<p>what is your class rank? are you in-state?</p>

<p>my school doesnt list any rankings, and im out-of-state... CA.</p>

<p>What are your SAT section scores?</p>

<p>reading- 690
writing- 700
math- 800</p>

<p>Hmm.. you probably would've been a almost shoo-in for in state. I think you've still got a good chance, but hopefully you can pull something amazing out of those EC's.</p>