My Chances at W&M

<p>Hey... I just need to know if I have any shot at W&M. When I applied, I thought I did; but after reading all these comments, and seeing those people that did not get in... I'm very nervous. Let me know what you think. Here a some of my stats.</p>

<p>3.87 UW GPA
AP Classes w/ a strong first semester senior year
rank: around 50/540
ACT: 26 (I know, it's like death compared to everyone elses)</p>

<p>Hometown: Portland, OR</p>

--Varsity Tennis team (4 years)
--Health careers (HOSA), through which I've volunteered at hospitals, blood drives, worked in nursing homes, etc. (2 yrs). Also, shadow professionals in the field.
--Volunteer at the Art Museum
--Involved in Piano and art (continuously for 8/9 yrs.)</p>

<p>I feel my essays were the strongest aspect of my app to the college.</p>

<p>To be brutally honest, I do not think you will get in. Of course, other parts of your app could make up for the comparatively low ACT, or they might need someone from Oregon!?!
Oftentimes its hard to know in College admissions. I wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks... I'm thinking you're right :(</p>

<p>I disagree with Here to help.I think your high GPA will make up for the average ACT(remember, most of these people on this forum are not good standards to compare yourself with. Some exaggerate and they are only a very small sample of applicants. The typical W&M applicant will be less spectacular than these posters. Also, almost all of us are either college or high school students. We dont know what W&M counselors want. Dont stress out to much. i got my fingers crossed for you.</p>

<p>What Blaken91 says is true^</p>

<p>you definitely have a shot... you know out of state is really difficult though.</p>

<p>Thanks guys... that makes me feel a little better. Are you guys HS or college students?
If highschool, have you heard back yet?</p>