My Chances (Average Student)

GPA: 3.74 (maybe higher this year because I am make all A+)
Weighted: 4.1
Classes: I took AP Bio, AP Psych, AP Lang, and taking AP Econ next sem (out of 9 AP classes)
I also took college Accounting 1 & 2, college English twice, College sociology, college algebra, college pracalc
the rest is basic classes
Ranking: top 20%
SAT’s: just know they’re not good and probably not entering

Extracurriculars: FCCLA chapter president for 3 years, student advisory council of my state for 1 year, local bank council memeber for 1 year, executive director for a non-profit 1 year, fbla member for 1 year, work as an admin assistant for our local chamber

Other notes: I am probably going to apply ED and have showed demostrated interests. I know my chances are pretty slim considering my grades and STATs but let me know what you guys think and my next course of action should be

Do you have any hooks - URM, from a far out geography?

I’m not sure as an ED that your chances are slim. CWRU has gotten more difficult and I’m not a fan of TO this year because you could take the test and my belief is that schools will be stricter with that this year.

But I think the ED can get you over the hump. Just make sure you can afford to go there if you ED.

What are you studying??

Good luck.

Well its 100% need based and with my finances I would not need to pay anything. I am wanting to major in accounting and minor in Business admin.

As for your first question I am unsure what you mean though I am Asian American and in my area there’s only 1% of asian americans here.

Where are you from - what state is what I mean.

Did you check their net price calculator to be sure you’d owe nothing?

CWRU is need aware so as an Asian American this can hurt you. What this means is, they will evaluate your financial need as part of the decision as to whether admit you.

So if your EFC is $0 and they have to cover you in full, they can very well use that as a reason to turn you down. If someone were african american or hispanic, they might still get turned down but would have a better chance as they would be under represented groups.

Anyway, have a list of match (Miami Ohio, Ohio State for example) and safeties (Pitt, Ohio U) and you’ll be fine.