My chances in getting into UCL and KCL? (international student)

I’m an Asian living in Korea and I applied for UCL, KCL, LSE, and Manchester for economics.

UCL: Economics & Economics and East European studies
KCL: Economics and management.

I got rejected for LSE and got unconditional offer for Manchester.

I do not have any 5s on any of my AP. Instead, I have three 4s. AP Language, AP Envi. Sci., AP US History. And I’m current taking AP Econ, AP Comparative Government, and AP Calc AB.

I have 3.99 GPA and have 1590 in my SAT test, and 800 for both SAT Subject Physics and Math 2, and 780 for US History.

What would my chances be?

Your chances will be very good with KCL if you can get a 5 in your AP Econs, since you already have very good grades in your two SAT Subject and SAT Reasoning tests. You can combine the SAT-S with the AP in your application.

Not too sure it will be same for UCL because it is an elite university for Economics. It is one of the competitive universities to get admitted in for an Economics course.

KCL Economics course, on the other hand, is a relatively new course offering that I don’t even think has produced its first graduating class yet. It previously only had a course called Political Economy, which was highly competitive to get into, but was more slanted towards Politics in its teaching.

You will have highly competitive applicants to both universities for the course just because of the prestige of both universities but I think you have a better chance with KCL.

UCL is probably a reach, as you are only taking Calc AB, and they ask domestic applicants for grade A in Maths A level for the combined course, which is usually regarded as equivalent to (actually a bit more advanced than) a 5 in BC. If you do get an offer it will likely be conditional on getting 5s on all this year’s APs. The straight Econ course is likely to be out of reach, they want A* at A level, and I don’t think your mathematical preparation would be strong enough.

KCL - probably also a reach without BC but easier than UCL I think.

But congratulations on getting into Manchester, especially unconditionally!