My chances of getting accepted into USF- St. Pete?

Hi there. Lately i’ve been extremely worried about getting into USFSP, as it is my dream school. I currently have a 3.4 unweighted and a 3.79 weighted GPA, a 26 ACT (25 english, 17 math, 33 reading, 27 science and a 10 for the writing essay portion) I have taken 5 AP classes & practically all other as honors classes (and i’m in dual enrollment classes now as a senior) and I am also of hispanic origin (50% due to my father) and i’m worried this all isn’t enough. It’s been on my mind since June and i’m wondering if I should even bother applying at this point. Advice is much needed, please help let me know if you think I’ll get in or not!

You should definitely apply. Your test score is in the lane for USFSP and you have taken some rigorous classes. USF superscores the ACT, so you should definitely take it again. See if you can get registered for the September test and do some prep work – ACT offers free tools/sample tests. I would also suggest visiting. They have an open house on Saturday, Sept. 21. Meet with admissions and tell them you want to attend and that it is your top choice. You can’t change your GPA. It is what it is, but have you calculated it using the SUS scale? If you really want to attend, work for it.

How good are the job outcomes coming out of USF SP? For business/ Econ?