My Chances!! please help

<p>i applied to SUNY buffalo in early november and being from out of state (Michigan) i was wondering what my chances are of being accepted...</p>

<p>my gpa is about a 3.2 i have taken honors courses and ap
my act score was a 22
and i have done many extra curricular activities</p>

<p>i also applied to SUNY Oswego and was accepeted</p>

<p>but buffalo is my number one choice because i grew up in Lockport and really want to move back home</p>

<p>please help me!</p>

<p>i think u will be admitted mainly because of the fact that your out of state and theyre always looking for more people outside of new york state..your very close</p>

<p>thanks bran, i didnt know if being out of state would help or hurt me but im glad it could help! i was also wondering when they start sending acceptance letters because i was accepted at Oswego and thought all SUNY schools sent them out around the same time frame...?</p>

<p>UB does not begin notifying until Mid-February according to their website. SUNY schools all have their own dates. My D has already been accepted to SUNY Brockport and Fredonia, in November. Still waiting on UB and SUNY Geneseo (who notify on March 1).</p>