My Chances?

<p>I got a SAT Score of 1700
Reading 420
Math 740
Writing 540
HS GPA 3.91/4.00

<p>What are my chances for getting into 1. University of north carolina (Chapel Hills)
2. University of minessota (Twin Cities)
3. New York University Of technology</p>

<p>Your reading/writing scores could be higher. I think in order to be competitive, aim for 2100+
On another note, I think a lot of students (everywhere..including the States) take SAT without proper prep. With some prep and doing the blue book and the tests, you can bring your scores up. Can you take it again?</p>

<p>If (s)he's applying this year, then I think most colleges will accept the December scores albeit, each has different policies and I have no clue about the listed colleges.</p>

<p>Not sure about others but UNC definitely high reach. You will not get in with those scores.</p>

<p>Also not sure how far this is true, but even if you get admission in some third tier university with a low SAT score, you will still have a hard time getting through visa process at the us consulate. one guy I know got rejected saying - low GRE score (he was applying for graduate studies).</p>

<p>If you are from English medium school and your class rank is high, then you ARE capable of getting good scores if you study for it.</p>


You have neither listed your ecs nor SATII tests. Although these things are "encouraged" but not "required"'s kind of a giveaway that the top students will do what is "encouraged". You should glance at some OOS stats in the forums of your respective colleges. They will give you a good idea at what admissions presumes as "good" or "outstanding". But be aware that commentators on the forum can also underestimate someone's qualification. A person applying with an 1860 as OOS to a top school may be commended by one student responder, but admissions will come across those scores as unimpressive because they have to compare with a wide pool of bright kids that could very well not have posted their stats at CC and are the ppl that eventually get chosen over the CC poster sometimes.</p>

<p>He is a national level swimmer and holds the 50m record in state. Also is a state level volleyball player. And he will be taking the SAT again in december.</p>

<p>By high reach , I meant hard to get in. I have heard UNC is tough for OOS/international
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I think it is safe to say your scores should be in the 75 percentile of a college admission profile. Great ECs, swim and volleyball sound good. The only thing and I dont mean to be a downer but the swim/volleyball talent here in the US is very high. You can compare your state record to the USA swim record times (world ranking ?)..and if you are competitive..perhaps that would be an advantage as well. Again, best is to focus on the SAT and get your CR/writing scores up by 100 each. Good luck</p>

<p>thank you people for the suggestions And you are right i just thought to just give it try without practicing. and i Will be giving sat again in December. Hope i Score well.
I've given satII on november 5 MATHS2 and Physics i am hoping near perfect in both ? </p>

<p>But can u guide me how to improve me CR score in less than a month !</p>

<p>CR is a section that improves with your reading skills. In short, it cannot be improved in in just a month...but then nothing is impossible. I think what the problem with internationals is that they cannot read the English fast it bogs them down as they try to quicken their abilities with filling out the answer without thinking much. Try to grab a kaplan book and basically follow their outline. They try to help students that can't read fast enough and substitute in a specific way in deciphering the answer. All books do this, but I think Kaplan might be thinner and shorter than the others.
What I recommend you also do is improve on writing...which can be easily increased with a few grammar tricks here and there. I would keep this a priority even if your CR is so low. With a month to go, minimal improvements can occur unless you study day and night? Honestly, it'll be some pressure so I hope you find a good way.</p>