My friend's friend is a professional football player.

<p>Yea, no big deal or anything. My friend's the kicker for our high school team and his friend (the professional kicker) helps him out occasionally because he went to my school. Sooo yeah, I'm kind of a big deal.</p>

<p>My friend's friend is Katy Perry</p>

<p>I'm so cool as well</p>

<p>My friend's friend is a CC addict :/</p>

<p>My friend's friend is my enemy.</p>

<p>My friend's cousin is friends with Lady Gaga. They went to college together and his roommate was her boyfriend at the time. :-/</p>


Someone dated Lady Gaga?!</p>

<p>My friend's dad is a pro football player</p>

<p>My cousins cousin is also a superstar football player. Never got to know the dude, but since my last name isn't common I'm surprised I didn't find out earlier.</p>