My projections 2020 projections- From a CSOM Minor student A&S (Arts and Crafts) Major

Back of the notebook math as follows:

1750 applicants for ED1 (Stole this from a previous poster)
2300 applicants for ED2 (Larger pool after IVYs /other school ED deny)

500 admits ED1
600 admits ED2

1100 Admits for ED1 and ED2
27.1% Accept rate

26,000 Applications for RD
4500 Admits for RD

17.3% Accept rate RD

30,050 Total applicants
5,600 Accepts
18.6 Overall Accept Rate

2,500 Enrolled (Admission will overshoot)
44.6% Yield

The wild card is the RD accepts- I’m using a slightly higher yield hear compared to prior years as I anticipate ED1 and ED2 will make for an overall slightly more competitive RD but with fewer overall applications

excuse typos- phone auto corrects.

Boston college communicated to applicants that they want to enroll 900 students ED I & II. 40% of the incoming class. If 500 of us were accepted last night, that leaves room for 400 in the ED II pool. We’ll see if they stick to what they announced.

Schools with both ED1 and ED2 generally get fewer applications in the ED2 round. But it’s new for BC, so time will tell.

They accepted 575 two days ago we heard. If true, they will definately accept more than 900 Ed 1 and Ed 2 imho combined.

More like the 1100 range. Because some will still fall off because of financial aid. So perhaps enrolled will be closer to 900 to 975.

Especially if it is a strong group ed2

Many high achievers were deferred the other night. That was my big take away.

I was surprised at the lower 33 percent type admit rate for ed1.

Some schools like midd seem to be higher. So we will see.

My numbers as a guess were pretty close Ed 1. Ed 2 is an unknown. I’m thinking @bbfan1927 is close.