down for awhile?

<p>hey all,</p>

<p>i just came home from vacation and realized i missed the dining deadline. However i read in one post that they extended the deadline. Anyways yesterday and today i have been trying to access MYUVA via but the site has been down whenever i try to access it. Does anyone know any way around this and how i can access myuva? Thanks!</p>

<p>Well, UVA killed off myUVA a long time ago (well, a couple of months). It used to look all pretty before you knew it, but then they disabled it and just put up a new, more boring page with the same info and a banner saying "we killed off MyUVA, suckers". Apparently that is dead too, because mine doesn't work either and I have an error message as my homepage and I refuse to make it Toolkit, Collab, or the UVA homepage.</p>

<p>Like I said before, UVA is attempted to make the leap from the Stone Ages to 21st century technology over the summer. Just google UVA dining.</p>

<p>I tried applying for the unlimited meal plan but it asked for a 9 digit uva id which I didn't have so I called the dining office and the lady said I can sign up for it in my orientation of july 24, which is after the meal plan signup deadline that's on the web site.</p>

<p>I signed up for my meal plan in early August last year. I think you can sign up whenever you want, at least upperclassmen. Remember, they do this, every year, year after year. They know your orientation is after the deadline. I'm almost certain that I read that they just put you down for "Unlimited" and you have up to two weeks into the start of school to downgrade. So, when you get back from orientation, just go online and get whatever mealplan you want and it'll change.</p>

<p>i think if you dont sign up they put you for +15, not unlimited (thank god lol). Thanks for the help shoebox(your other posts have been very helpful =]) & everyone</p>

<p>Dining plan has been extended to July 16, I'm very sure of it.</p>

I tried applying for the unlimited meal plan but it asked for a 9 digit uva id


<p>I called the office because I was having trouble signing up too. If you don't have your student ID just use your ss# so the dining folks can match your name with your student account. They told me ppl were making up random numbers and they couldn't process it cuz they didn't have a numerical ID. Either # will work for this purpose.</p>

<p>SSN worked fine for me</p>