N.U.In Location Spots

I was just wondering, how quickly do locations usually fill up? I’m looking at Greece, but I also have some RD schools I am waiting on. Do you think the spots for the location will fill up rather quickly?

Following… D is interested in London but has several RD schools still in the mix.

From what I know, they can fill quickly… rome apparently fills quite fast. Please note, some sites require you to be 18 by 9/1 or thereabouts, and sites are limited to certain majors.

Previous years London filled very quickly.

Any advice for getting into the N.U.in program? I was deferred to regular admission and am hoping to be accepted to N.U.in

I would include it on your loci and/or send an email to your admissions rep.

Good idea! I already sent in my loci and forgot to say that I wanted to be considered for the N.U.in program, but my counsellor will see it on my application. I’m worried because I feel like N.U.in is a pretty competitive process for regular admission. Thanks again!

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