Name one thing you will do, that you’ve been putting off, after we are past Covid.

As I’m mixing my old fashioned tonight, I was thinking when we are past this I’m doing the bourbon trail in Kentucky. Maybe if I’m able, do the Kentucky Derby, too. (Although not sure I would spend $1k for a seat or be willing to stand for hours on end in general admission)). But it would be fun.

What will you do?

Travel and eat out. Anywhere. As long as I’m not scared that I’ll get infected.

Manicure and pedicure… immediately!!

I mean one thing you’ve never done before!

Visit Italy. Alaskan Cruise.

I moved on March 31. Housewarming!

Have rotator cuff surgery as soon as our hospitals start allowing elective surgeries again.

Have my parents funeral services :frowning:

Yes, like @momofsenior1 , both of my parents died in 2019, and after lots of coordination of schedules, we had planned my parents’ burial for this week. They were cremated and are waiting patiently.

I guess engagement party for my daughter. She was engaged few weeks ago.

We’re still hoping for a big family trip next summer when med school lad is between med school and residency. Victoria Falls is our current #1 destination.

And yes, mom’s ashes haven’t been buried or spread yet. That was supposed to happen this year among some trilliums she played with as a child when they bloomed in May.

And I really probably need to be getting an update on my health. Some things are happening that probably shouldn’t be happening.

Viking River Cruise on the Danube was booked and cancelled. Need to revisit that.

Definitely want to spend some serious time in Europe. Will start planning AirBnB trips once we’re done with college costs. Thinking I should do one nice European trip per yr. I’d like to start in Portugal.

i’m another one with an engagement party to plan. Also, youngest son’s graduation has to be scheduled. Plus, if D and fiance stay in Montana, I’d like to plan a visit out there.

If you had asked me six weeks ago I would have said “eat in restaurants”. However, restaurants are open now where we live. They are getting less business, but most still seem to be doing okay.

At this point, what I would like to do is to travel. I am assuming and hoping that travel to Canada will open up before May so that I can attend a graduation at a university in eastern Canada. I also want to visit a few other people and a few other places.

@DadTwoGirls I could travel and eat out but I wouldn’t, because I fear of getting infected.

Do you you remember the old dismissive saying “ Go jump in the lake.? That’s what I would like to do…

Doing my college apps…

Oh boy I’d like to have dinner at a nice restaurant. And go to the theater. And go back to my pool. And sing in my chorus. And maybe watch the sunset over a lake in upstate New York or Maine or Minnesota.

Take our 40th anniversary trip to the beach with the kids and grandkids. It was to be our first family trip with the kids and their spouses, so something we were really looking forward to. The plus side to it being delayed is the girls will be older and will enjoy the trip more.

We are going to visit New Orleans. DD has everything done for her Congressional Award except for her exploration requirement. She proposed planning a camping trip to get it done, but I glamp, not camp.

We also have a few college visits to catch up on.